Real Estate Transactions -- December 7

December 6, 2013 


Selected property transactions in Muscogee County, recorded November 12 - November 27:

Elliott family Properties,LLC to Hill Three,LLC; 3260 Victory Dr.; $385,000

David McPherson to Christopher Davis; 8024 Wellington Place; $362,500

Regan Coppedge to Nicholas Bettin; 2824 Averett Dr.; $345,000

Grayhawk Homes,Inc. to Cari Morgan; 4570 Ivy Woods Dr.; $316,785

Grayhawk Homes,Inc. to Edward Boswell; 10179 Sable Ct.; $261,241

Jeff Lindsey Communities to Marcelino Mendez; 6292 Shagbark Lane; $251,125

David Jones,Trustee, D.B. Jones Family Trust to Frank Turman; 1207 Manchester Expswy.; $250,000

Steven Corbett to Blue Holdings,LLC; 1230 Brookstone Centre Parkway; $247,000

Lifestyle Villas,LLC to Thomas Okray; 4801 Patina Place; $244,000

Eric Donalson to Bruce Henry; 9510 Chickasaw Ct.; $238,000

Mathew Orr to Tony Alexander; map & parcel 179025002; $219,900

Edgar Hughston Builder,Inc. to Rosia Kirk; 405 Stardust Ct.; $216,060

Jo Weiss to Majorie Harlan; 1023 Red Maple Way; $215,000

Michael Stanford to Fuad Machado; 10315 Whisper Glen Dr.; $211,000

David Bergman to Thomas Cook; 4533 Ivy Patch Dr.; $207,400

Patti Greenfield to Maria Martin; 9 Treetop Ct.; $205,000

Ray M. Wright to Mandalyn Blake; 9606 Yellow Pine Rd.; $204,300

Edgar Hughston Builder,Inc. to Felix Martinez; 4943 Brightstar Lane; $187,424

Betty Jones, dec by Pamela J… to LaVerne Knowles; 6100 Bristol Blvd.; $185,000

Lester Ingle to James Eldridge; 4441 Smokey Mountain Trail; $185,000

Alexander O'Brien to Jerry Goldsmith; 5 Hilton Woods Dr.; $185,000

Estate of Ellen Faye Ayers to William Harmon,III; 4515 Labrador Dr.; $178,000

Constance Ecker,dec. to Teddy Duboise; 7305 Wedge Ct.; $176,000

Chong Forestal to John Bell; 3520 Algonquin Dr.; $174,900

Estate of Joann D. S. Ito to Charles Sutley; 3315 Windermere St.; $172,000

Juana Canizares to Kristina Sanford; 8006 Sonoma Pointe Dr.; $172,000

Stephen Taylor to Ted Walters; 8149 Williams Way; $164,900


Selected building permits in Muscogee County, recorded November 12 - November 26:

8169 Preservation Trail; $311,866.80; Leary & Brown,Inc.; single family residence

9205 Fortson Rd.; $255,136; Vulcan Materials, Co.; storage building

1552 Cherokee Ave.; $231,886.20; Christian Ries; single family residence

8108 Saddlehorn Dr.; $219,917.88; Pate Development,Inc.; single family residence

4629 Wisteria lane; $204,612.24; Grayhawk Homes,Inc.; single family residential

7210 Woodham Ct.; $194,139.96; Leary & Brown,Inc.; single family residence

5193 Magazine Lane; $193,334.40; Grayhawk Homes,Inc.; single family residence

12693 Upatoi Lane; $166,578.30; Mary Bailey; single family residence

1310 13th Ave.; $134,550; Behn Properties, Elias Dabit; add/repair other building

8400 Veterans Parkway; $100,000; Woodruff Contracting Company; add/repair other building

7002 Winthrop Ct.; $60,000; Dr. Kay Campbell; add/repair residential building

4165 Anglin rd.; $52,000; Charles Newton; add/repair residential building

10129 Veterans Parkway; $50,000; Verizon Wireless; add/repair other building

3548 Macon Rd.; $39,702; Title Max; add/repair other building

6101 Huntington Trail; $35,545; Jim & Jan Jensen; add/repair residential building

5592 Whitesville Rd. 5; $35,000; Woodruff Contracting Company; add/repair other building

5592 Whiteville Rd. T; $35,000; Woodruff Contracting Company; add/repair other building

6487 Fieldstream Way; $33,935; Jennifer Herd; add/repair residential building

1124 20th St.; $25,000; Anthony West; add/repair residential building

2626 Manchester Expressway; $21,500; M & J Properties; add/repair other building

4261 Macon Rd.; $16,000; Paul Leonard; add/repair other building

6137 Bristol Blvd.; $14,364; Robert Murray; add/repair residential building

2626 Meloy Dr.; $11,508; Milton Wright; add/repair residential building

3131 Manchester Expressway 29B; $10,000; Peachtree Mall; add/repair other building

1123 Opel Ave.; $7637.30; Thalia Morris; add/repair residential building

1710 Anita Ave.; $6000; Mrs. Christine Willis; add/repair residential building

4957 Bonnybrook Ct.; $5000; Marie Jackson; add/repair residential building

1214 Dogwood Ave.; $3699.75; Ava Averett; storage building

6500 Standing Boy Rd. 2; $3000; Richard Forrest; add/repair residential building

5438 Brookview Dr.; $2650; Gloria Celarie; add/repair residential building

5334 Cranston Dr.; $2542.13; Johnnie Christian,Jr.; storage building

7816 Crawford Dr.; $2499.75; Lakasha Holiday; storage building

5816 Windham Ct.; $2200; Karen Bonner; add/repair residential building

6051 Psalmond Rd.; $2000; Gerhild Debrabant; storage building

405 Stardust Ct.; $1954.77; Rosia Kirk; storage building

116 Maplebrook Ct.; $1494.75; Herman Crouch; storage building

5920 Catalina Dr.; $1127.95; Louis Breaux; add/repair residential building

5122 Pierce Chapel Rd.; $1000; Pierce Chapel UMC; storage building

6212 Luna Dr.; $542.18; Rosemary Andrews; add/repair residential building

3419 Melrose Dr.; $500.26; Alice Bass; add/repair residential building

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