Gunman strikes victim on head during robbery

December 8, 2013 

Columbus police are investigating the report of an armed robbery on Yosemite Drive.

According to a police report, the crime occurred Saturday morning right after midnight.

A 36-year-old man was struck in the head and robbed at gunpoint.

Police reported a laceration to the right side of the man's head.

The incident took place in the carport of a residence.

The amount stolen was not reported.

There was no description of the suspect.

Shots fired at home on Central Circle

Columbus police are investigating a report of shots fired at a home on Central Circle.

According to the police report, the shots were fired Sunday around 1:10 a.m.

Nobody was injured.

A 23 year-old woman was in the house with three children.

The woman said she heard a shot but didn't know from where they were fired.

She said one bullet hit a wall and a TV stand, but she did not see who fired the weapon.

"It was pretty scary," she said.

She and the children did not stay in the house but went to stay with her mother.

Anyone with information should contact Columbus police.

-- Larry Gierer

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