How much television truly loved the Cardiac Bulldogs

semerson@macon.comDecember 12, 2013 

Georgia was featured on CBS five times during the 2013 season.

JOHN KELLEY — John Kelley

Mark Richt cracked several times this season that his team is good for television. But how good?

Pretty good: Georgia drew the highest television rating in college football three separate weeks this season, was the second-highest rated on two other weeks, and was the third-highest rated another time.

Put another way, half of Georgia's regular-season games were one of the three most-watched games that weekend. So while Georgia only went 8-4, and finished the regular season barely in the top 25, the combination of close games and a lot of games on CBS (five) and ABC (two) resulted in a lot of eyeballs on the Bulldogs.

This is gleaned from the site Sports Media Watch. You can look at a week-by-week breakdown of the national games here at this link.

Here is a weekly breakdown of Georgia's TV ratings:

Week 1: Georgia at Clemson (ABC) ... 8.14 million, highest-rated game of the week.
Week 2: South Carolina at Georgia (ESPN) ... 7.05 million, second-highest rated game of the week.
Week 3: Bye
Week 4: North Texas at Georgia (SEC Network) ... No ratings information
Week 5: LSU at Georgia (CBS) ... 7.39 million, highest-rated game of the week.
Week 6: Georgia at Tennessee (CBS) ... 5.61 million, second-highest rated game of the week.
Week 7: Missouri at Georgia (ESPN) ... 3.01 million, seventh-highest rated game of the week.
Week 8: Georgia at Vanderbilt (CBS) ... 2.40 million, eighth-highest rated game of the week.
Week 9: Bye
Week 10: Georgia vs. Florida (CBS) ... 4.92 million, third-highest rated game of the week.
Week 11: Appalachian State at Georgia (WSB) ... No ratings information
Week 12: Georgia at Auburn (CBS) .... 5.32 million, highest-rated game of the week.
Week 13: Kentucky at Georgia (ESPN2) ... 954k, the 14th-highest rated game of the week.
Week 14: Georgia at Georgia Tech (ABC) ... 3.53 million, the sixth-highest rated game of the week.

That's a total of 48.32 million viewers for the 10 games with ratings information.

It's not the most of any college football team: Two-time defending champion Alabama registered 62.09 million viewers for the nine games for which there was ratings information. Texas A&M, with Johnny Manziel, drew 52.17 million viewers for the 10 games available.

But Georgia did appear to outdraw both teams that ended up in the BCs championship: Auburn totaled 37.81 viewers over nine rated games, while Florida State drew 35.12 over nine available games. (Those totals also don't include their respective conference championship games.)

Georgia also outdrew traditional ratings stalwart Notre Dame, which totaled 39.64 million viewers for 10 listed games. And for the numbers available, Georgia also was watched by more than watched Ohio State, which got 45.07 million viewers in 10 regular-season games.

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