Inquirer: Ailing tree near Jordan High will have to come down

mowen@ledger-enquirer.comDecember 15, 2013 

The city will take down this ailing oak tree near Jordan High School.


Most of the tree problems we deal with here at Inquirer Central are pines, which is no surprise because they are the least noble and most bothersome of trees.

But this week I got a call from a Concerned Reader who thinks the good kids who walk to and from Jordan High School are in peril because of an oak that's seen better days.

"It's got one limb that's as dead as it can get," he said. "It's hanging right out over the road where people walk by all the time. If it landed on someone, it could kill them."

I rode over to Jordan to have a look and sure enough, that's one ailing tree. At least a couple of limbs are dead and are presenting a danger to passersby.

I called Pat Biegler, director of Public Works, whose department includes the Urban Forestry and Beautification Division.

Biegler said she would check with the urban foresters to see if the tree had already been reported to them and what the assessment was if it had been.

She called back and said there was no record of a complaint, but that the tree is already on the city's radar, and the news isn't good for the tree. After assessing it, the urban foresters decided it's got serious health issues, so it's going to have to come down this week.

Biegler said the city's arborist, which is the manager of the Urban Forestry and Beautification Division, or one of his trained tree experts will always try to save a tree if possible, but this one was deemed "unsalvageable."

"If it's just problem limbs, they will just cut those," she said. "But if the tree needs to come down, we'll take it down."

The city does its own tree work, she said.


Alert Readers will recall late in October when a Concerned Artist named Maria called to complain about a splintered and tilted utility pole near her house and studio on Veterans Parkway.

The pole is one of AT&T's, and I was glad to report that Terry Smith, a regional communications manager, said they would replace not only Maria's rickety pole, but several more in the immediate area.

Well, more than a month later, they still haven't. Stay tuned.

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