November crime map: Increased focus on robberies, burglaries clear dozens of cases

tstevens@ledger-enquirer.comDecember 17, 2013 

If October was a month of reported increases in burglary and robberies, then November began a pattern of decline.

Detectives cleared dozens of robbery and burglary cases last month, following the arrests of seven suspected burglary ring members and the apprehension of two separate alleged robbery groups.

Burglary ring

The burglary ring, which police believe to be comprised of ten members, is suspected of at least 26 burglaries in east and north Columbus. Five of those ten — Laquinton Robinson, Ricky Henderson, Jacobee Matthews, Demon Moore and Emmanuel Williams — were arrested on Nov. 6, after managers at the Veterans Parkway Econo Lodge reported two stolen cars in their parking lot.

A sixth suspect in that same ring, Alexander Streeter, is being held in Atlanta after he was shot by a Georgia State Patrol trooper during a chase which involved a vehicle reported stolen in Columbus. Streeter was paralyzed in the shooting, Cox said, and is still in custody in Atlanta.

Just a few days into December, a seventh suspect, Wayman McMillian, ended his time as a fugitive after he allegedly accidentally shot himself in both legs. Police believe McMillian to be responsible for crashing one of the stolen vehicles that was seen at Econo Lodge on Nov. 6 near an apartment complex downtown.

Police are still searching for Chris Gilliam, 25, Delmorris Boyd, 26, and Jakeith Robinson, 19. Anyone with information should contact Investigative Services at 706-653-3400.

Lt. Steve Cox, in charge of the burglary and theft unit, said in an earlier statement that "$45,000 in stolen vehicles, flat-screen TVs, jewelry, guns and other assorted items" had been recovered through the arrests — some of which was held in the Econo Lodge rooms the day of the Nov. 6 arrests. Detectives indicated during McMillian's Recorder's Court hearing that much of the stolen property has been returned to its owners.

Past statements from Chief Ricky Boren indicate police were able to make these apprehensions after increasing surveillance in areas particularly affected by burglaries and armed robberies.

“We have extra folks looking into some of these armed robberies as well as the burglaries in the residential areas," Boren said. "And we will continue to do this through the holiday season.”

The increased focus is paying off.

Cox said his department's long hours and hard work led to those arrests. Those detectives are still clearing cases daily — slowing the 25 percent increase in burglaries the department reported in October.

"It's been a lot of hard work by the men and women who work in this department," Cox said. "They have worked awfully hard to make it fall into place. There's been a lot of overtime put into the department in the last month or so. Every day we're clearing cases, but it's not all the time that you clear dozens of cases at once."

And in cases like the burglary ring, where multiple suspects are involved, those arrested can often help law enforcement put together the missing pieces.

"When numerous people are arrested people are eventually gonna talk," Cox said. "That almost always helps us."

Robbery groups

November, police also began tying multiple armed robberies to two groups of robbers, who allegedlyterrorized businesses between September and November.

The first — comprised of Dominique Hugh Leonard, William Leonard and Darius Pollard — were arrested after an anonymous tipster informed police that they were potentially staying at the Victory Drive Thunderbird Motel.

As in the case of the burglary ring, talking with those apprehended helped police tie recently arrested D'Angelo Davis to the robbery spree, which affected at least nine Columbus businesses and several private individuals.

Pollard and William identified a fourth robber they knew only as "D'Lo" as taking part in the Nov. 12 robberies of the Domino's Pizza on 5750 Milgen Road and the Captain D's at 1212 Manchester Expressway. Tips from the community helped police narrow down "D'Lo's" identity.

Other robberies members of the group are charged with include Circle K on Milgen Road, the Veterans Parkway Pleasure World, the Shell Mart on Warm Springs Road and the Circle K on 12th Avenue.

A second group of robbers targeted at least 10 businesses — but where the first group was allegedly armed with a Smith & Wesson .38 special and Smith and Wesson .40, the second bluffed with an inert M-16 style training weapon.

During their Recorder's Court hearing, Sgt. Lance Deaton said detectives connected Laquante K. Harviley, Dewon Obyrane Neal, and Timothy Gardner to the robberies after the group allegedly hit three Circle K's on Nov. 24.

Affected business include The business affected include Shell gas stations at 1801 12th Avenue and 5757 Buena Vista Road, the twice-robbed Circle K on Manchester Expressway and the 5758 Milgen Road Circle K. Money and Newport cigarettes were sought in all of the successful robberies.

Initial calls to the Robbery and Homicide Unit were not returned.

Monthly crime map

For newcomers to the map, a note: it isn't meant to be comprehensive. Columbus law enforcement sometimes make hundreds of arrests in a week, most mundane and some with little information useful to the public.

Instead of mapping each individual report, we've highlighted the crimes we've written about throughout the week. We've also made an effort to mark areas that have seen multiple burglaries or property crimes during the week.

Here's the breakdown:

• Tombstone: Homicides and fatalities

• Gun: Armed assaults and assaults where an unknown weapon was used

• Boxing gloves: Unarmed assaults and batteries

• Don't touch sign: Sexual crimes, public exposure and stalking crimes

• Money bag: Robberies, burglaries and fraud

• Pill: Drug related arrests

• Bomb: Bomb threats and terroristic threats

• Paw print: Animal cruelty and animal related offenses

• Speed limit sign: Citations and misdemeanor offenses

• Shopping cart: Shoplifting and petty theft

• Car: Traffic accident

Because this is the monthly crime map, and some incidences happened at the same or almost the same location, users may have to zoom in close to see every entry.

See September's crime map here You can also find October's crime map here.

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