Court: Fugitive suspect's girlfriend helped plan CSU Courtyard II robbery

tstevens@ledger-enquirer.comDecember 26, 2013 

When Kathrina Marie Campbell met with Xavier Hamilton to allegedly purchase $700 worth of marijuana, she reportedly already knew of her boyfriend Jabryson Monterio Burton's plan to enact a robbery, according to court testimony.

Campbell, 19, and Hamilton, 22, were brought before Recorder's Court for a hearing Thursday morning. Campbell faced one charge of conspiracy to commit armed robbery. Hamilton was charged with possession of a firearm during the commission of a crime, weapons within 1000 feet of a school and reckless conduct.

Police are still searching for 21-year-old Burton, who was last seen driving east on Gentian Boulevard in a red Ford F-150. Anyone with further information should contact University Police at 706-507-8911.

A Columbus State University officer told the court that police responded to the 3258 Gentian Boulevard Courtyard II complex early Tuesday morning after receiving reports of a robbery. Not long after the officers began speaking with alleged victim Hamilton, Campbell was stopped and detained by law enforcement on Gentian Boulevard while driving a Chrysler 300.

Hamilton told officers that he assisted Campbell in making an illicit arrangement. The pair planned to purchase $700 worth of marijuana at the complex. During the transaction, Hamilton said he was robbed at gunpoint of his wallet and cell phone, and that Campbell was robbed of her money, purse and wallet.

Law enforcement later examined video from area security cameras, as there was some confusion on how the alleged robber and victims were able to enter the gated complex. Though police officials originally indicated that Hamilton was a CSU student, none of the three involved in the case have attended to the university.

Footage showed that Campbell arrived at the gates at about 11 p.m. in the Chrysler 300. The red Ford F-150 was parked across the street at a nearby gas station. Hamilton then allegedly ran over to the gate to let Campbell in. The driver of the red truck followed, and parked on the opposite side of the parking lot before approaching Campbell and Hamilton.

The alleged robber, who police later identified as Burton, then appears to pat down Hamilton. The officer did not specify whether a gun was visible. The suspect then jumped back into the red truck and sped out of the complex, with Campbell following closely behind in her Chrysler.

The officer told the court that according to surveillance footage, Hamilton ran into an apartment and came out with a 9mm handgun. He ran after the Campbell and the truck. Though the footage does not show it, Hamilton told police he fired a shot into the air.

Campbell, during an interview with police, reportedly told officers that her boyfriend was the driver of the red truck. She allegedly said that when she told Burton of her plan to purchase the marijuana, Burton informed her that he was going to rob Hamilton. Campbell maintained during questioning that she was robbed as well, which was not part of the original plan.

Further talks with Hamilton revealed that he was able to enter the complex through the help of two CSU students. One girl allegedly lent him the key to her apartment, and was allowing him to stay there. Another lent him a pass to get in through the gates.

During the Thursday morning hearing, Judge Michael Joyner set Campbell's bond at $25,000. Hamilton's bond was set at $22,500.

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