Trapping company nabs, kills seven wild hogs in east Columbus

mowen@ledger-enquirer.comDecember 30, 2013 

These wild hogs had been causing a lot of damage along Chattsworth Road in east Columbus, but not anymore.

The wild hog trapping company hired by the city to rid an east Columbus neighborhood of a pack of the destructive animals trapped and killed seven of them Saturday night, Rod Pinkston, founder and CEO of Jaeger Pro.

“We got the whole sounder (pack),” Pinkston said. “We’re sure these were the hogs that were doing all the damage around Chattsworth Road.”

Neighbors along Chattsworth, which skirts the edge of Fort Benning, recently reported considerable damage by a pack of six or seven wild hogs rooting for acorns in their yards.

After two Columbus Councilors reported the problem, the city contracted with Jaeger Pro to handle the problem.

Pinkston said his company set out a feeder to attract the group of hogs and set up a night vision camera to monitor the scene. As soon as they saw that the hogs had discovered the feeder and had returned to it repeatedly, his company set up a pen around it during the day and monitored it from home at night.

“As soon as we saw that all seven were in the pen, we dropped the gate on them from home,” Pinkston said.

While he is confident that the problem along Chattsworth has been solved for the time being, there will be more wild hog problems in other areas. His company has set up similar bait sites in a couple of other areas and are monitoring them.

He encourages people who see wild hogs or the damage they cause by rooting to contact his company at 706-718-9789, extension 2.

Pinkston said he expects for his company and the city to get more calls as the acorn crop continues to dwindle, forcing the hogs to roam more and root more.

One of the Chattsworth neighbors too all seven of the hogs for food rather than having them hauled to the landfill.

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