Postcard from Jacksonville: The cavalry arrives

semerson@macon.comDecember 30, 2013 

Alexander Emerson types his prose in a profound, frenetic manner.


AMELIA ISLAND - After five days in Jacksonville, the workload has started to take a toll. Luckily reinforcements have arrived: The family is here.

As you can see from the picture on the right, young Alexander is chipping in. He wrote the notebooks, as well as the lead on the Ray Drew piece. The copy is raw, but he shows potential.

And yes, we are staying back at the scene of our ... incident ... back when we were here for the Georgia-Florida game. Even the same hotel. And so far not the same hospital, luckily.

(For those who don't remember, my wife and I spent the morning of that game in the Amelia Island emergency room, the victims of some bad Subway along I-95. Suffice to say, no veggie subs, or any subs, on the trip down this time.)

I saw some Georgia fans here on the island Monday afternoon and evening. Obviously not the amount you get for a Georgia-Florida game, but at least a few. I haven't seen any Nebraska fans yet, either here or in Jacksonville, though my wife said she saw some.

A few other ruminations, random and otherwise:

- A few Georgia players paid a visit to the Wolfson Children's Hospital in Jacksonville on Monday. The hospital visit, standard for bowl week, happened to fall while Georgia was holding a practice. So the Bulldogs sent injured players: Keith Marshall, Malcolm Mitchell, Justin Scott-Wesley and Jay Rome, as well as some others.

That's a pretty decent group, even with Aaron Murray not among them. (He was holding an autograph signing.) And yet another testament to Georgia's season.

"It was cool going to the hospital. Seeing those kids smile was priceless!" Scott-Wesley tweeted afterwards.

- Georgia players and coaches are taking in Jacksonville, what they can of it anyway, during their off hours. A bunch were at The Landing the past two nights, according to what I was told. (Well, and according to what I saw for myself on Friday night. A fellow scribe may or may not have talked us into going to Hooters. My dinner choice was better the other nights.)

Otherwise, I'm not sure Georgia players are getting out too much. One, whose name I'll withhold, tweeted on Monday: "Who knew Jacksonville was so boring?"

- Mark Richt was asked before Monday's practice if any younger or inexperienced players had stood out during bowl practice.

"Not really," he said, after thinking a second.

That wasn't really because the younger players had stunk up the joint. Rather, unlike last year the team hasn't opened up any position for open competition during bowl practice. (Last year the offensive line did that, although it ended up with rather the same personnel winning jobs.)

- Christian LeMay remains with the team, despite his plans to transfer after the bowl. Those transfer plans haven't changed. LeMay deserves some credit for choosing to stick it out through the bowl, even though he stands little chance of playing. There's something to be said for finishing up with your teammates.

- And that's about it. Yes, this could have been more entertaining. But what can I say, this bowl trip just ... well, it is what it is.

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