Mike Bobo would like to be a head coach 'one day'

semerson@macon.comJanuary 1, 2014 

JACKSONVILLE, Fla. - Georgia offensive coordinator Mike Bobo got the question several times: Was he going to interview for the head coaching position at Georgia Southern?

His answer did not change.

"I'd just rather not comment on it," Bobo said.

Read into that whatever you wish. But Bobo did not deny that he would like to be a head coach someday, talking in-depth about it.

"I think we all aspire, well I know I aspire to be a head coach, one day, and where at I don't know," Bobo said. "But I also aspire to win a championship, here at the University of Georgia. We've been close so many times. And I do feel like the ingredients are there. I do feel like Mark Richt is one of the best head coaches in the country. I feel like we've got a lot of players, and we're able to get players, who can make plays. There's just little things we've got to improve on. The difference is like this every year."

Bobo held two fingers about an inch apart.

"It's hard to win any game, much less a championship. You've just gotta keep knocking on the door," Bobo said. "Long answer. But yes, I want to be a head coach. I want to win a championship at Georgia too."

Bobo is reportedly set to interview for the Georgia Southern job at a time to be determined, now that Georgia's season is over. It seems an odd fit on several levels, especially since Georgia can pay Bobo more to be its offensive coordinator than the Statesboro school can likely pay to be its head coach.

"I'm not trying to actively pick up the phone and call up people," Bobo said. "If things happen, they happen. I've got a great job, I work for a great man, I've got great kids to coach, and we're always gonna get great players. Whatever happens, happens, I don't get too caught up in where I am, or what's everybody's situation is. I try to make sure my guys are ready to play, my unit on that side of the ball. And right now I'm just disappointed that we didn't get it done today."

Bobo has been an assistant coach his entire career since finishing his playing career at Georgia in 1997. But his father was a longtime high school head coach in south Georgia. His father was a few feet away as his son was interviewed on Wednesday.

"It's a lot more responsibility," Bobo said of being a head coach. "And just talking to coach Richt, you're with the offense and the quarterbacks, to where you're dealing with everybody else. So it's something you've gotta decide what you want to do as a person. I do think I want to do that - I know I want to do that. One day."

Georgia head coach Mark Richt was the offensive coordinator at Florida State for more than a decade before taking the job at Georgia.

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