Sound-off for Wednesday, January 8, 2014

January 7, 2014 

Frozen cable

East Alabama Cable has things frozen up just like things are frozen in Greenland.

Better bring the originals

This is the voice of experience. If you have all of the necessary papers to renew your driver's license, don't take copies. They want the originals. Is this to cut down on illegal immigrants?

President Sharpton?

Al Sharpton will be the next president of the United States. He's a smart man.

Try the grits and fatback

The guy from Connecticut making fun of what we eat in the South … well, he must be enjoying it.

Everyone needs a goal

Everyone should have sense enough to know that all the Republicans care about is trying to destroy the black man in the White House.

Asinine statement

If you like your insurance, you can keep your insurance. That is the most asinine statement ever.

Don't go postal

Postage is going up three cents on Jan. 26. The Post Office lost my letter to the tag office, costing me a $28 late fee. The Post Office lost $5 billion last year - complete insanity.

Not just idiots, complete ones

Anyone who thinks that people receiving unemployment would rather get unemployment than to have a job are complete idiots.

Might as well go fishing

If you don't believe one word of the Bible, you may as well go fishing on Sunday. The Old Testament and the New Testament combined make the bible.

Try the New Testament

Somebody please show me where it's in the scriptures that God loves homosexuals.

Change the channel

I'm tired of A.J., A.J.'s mother, A.J.'s girlfriend, and A.J.'s brother. Please go away, all of you.

A few suggestions

Hey Mayor. Think about this before you run in the next election: How about changing the 401s. How about eliminating take home vehicles. And by all means, why don't you start cutting some hours?

Hard to argue

You've never had adversity unless you have accidentally had tinfoil blow up your microwave, dropped your cell phone in the toilet or had a flat on Atlanta's loop. Now that's adversity.

Sorry, no exemptions

I can't believe it. I'm a Republican and they cut my unemployment benefits, also. I thought I was exempt.

No, they don't cease

Now the judge says the parents can move their child from the hospital if they agree to be accountable for the tonsillectomy performed on their child. Do wonders never cease?

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