Report: Boyfriend repeatedly chokes, threatens to kill girlfriend

tstevens@ledger-enquirer.comJanuary 8, 2014 

"Go to sleep" — that's what a reportedly abusive boyfriend told his 27-year-old girlfriend as he was choking her Tuesday night, according to a Columbus Police report.

When police found the woman, it was her second escape attempt.

The victim told police her night began at about 11 p.m. when her boyfriend allegedly began a fight with her on the 6000 block of Nassau Circle. The suspect began arguing with her about a male friend she had on Facebook. At some point during the argument, he began hitting her on the left side of her face and began choking her. He allegedly told her during this instance that he intended to kill her.

She threatened to call police, which allegedly only made him more irate. However, the woman was able to escape and ran until she flagged down a man on the street. After imploring him for help, he took her to a friend's house. Before they could get inside, however, the boyfriend cut them off in the woman's green Mercedes-Benz.

The boyfriend began demanding that she get in the car with him. When she refused, he began choking her and pushing her into the car. He allegedly whispered "Go to sleep," before repeating his intention to kill her.

A supplemental report indicates the man who transported her to the location called her step mother during this time. The man told the stepmother that the woman was being choked, but that he was afraid to interfere because he was unsure if the suspect had a weapon.

The suspect transported the victim back to the Nassau Circle address, where he continued to choke her.

She was able to get away a second time, this time driving to her stepmother's home on Doyle Avenue. She ran out of gas along the way and flagged down an officer. That officer was able to document her injuries and take her to her stepmother's home.

A sufficient description of the suspect was not given. Anyone with more information should contact Investigative Services at 706-653-3400.

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