Sound Off for Thursday, January 9, 2014

January 8, 2014 

Pick of the day

There are few things I hate worse than a gas pump that asks me if I want a car wash in 20-degree weather.

Teamwork is encouraging

Great to see Mayor Tomlinson and Council working together to cut expenses. We can do this!

Welcome to the real world

Randy Robertson should get over himself; city employees should pay their share of health premiums like everyone else.

Something to be proud of

Congratulations to Uptown, Whitewater Express, Richard Bishop and Mayor Tomlinson. You have given all of Columbus something to be proud of.

Encouraging unhealthy lifestyles

Just learned that Obamacare bans employers from charging more to tobacco users. So our government is encouraging unhealthy lifestyles and I'm paying for it!

Required reading

Kathleen Parker's Jan. 6 commentary, "We Can Keep the Dream Alive" should be required reading for all Americans regardless of party affiliation.

Good article and good leadership

Great article about the memorial service for C.J. Foster, and great leadership from Rev. Phillips and the mayor to close the Majestic.

Prophetic writing

Follow "Grapes of Wrath" with Huxley's "Brave New World." Written in 1932, it is an accurate prophecy of the kind of decadent society we are creating.

Americans made a stupid choice

Americans sure went stupid when we did not elect Mitt Romney for president. What a shame.

At least give us some warning

If you won't check first to see if another vehicle is in the lane before you change lanes, could you at least use your turn signal so we can have some warning?

Probably not

I wonder if the nay-sayers in this column ever voice their opinions out in public?

Yes, there is a way

Yes, law enforcement, there ARE ways to get drivers to use turn signals. It also works for failure to yield.

You call this equality?

A hundred years ago American men lived about one year less than women. Now men die seven years earlier. That doesn't sound like progress in equality.

Briefhed here

Liz Cheney is dropping out of the race for Senate. I think she was afraid her opponent would reveal that she's Dick Cheney's daughter.

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