Soundoff for January 10

January 10, 2014 

Pick of the day

Oliver Wendell Holmes once said: "I like to pay taxes. With them I buy civilization."

Probably no calculus either

Yet another day has passed and I did not use algebra once. Very interesting.

Theology or meteorology?

All of this cold weather is telling us that Jesus is coming at any time. People better get right with God because he is coming soon, very soon.

Bring back the CCC

Why not create another Civilian Conservation Corps to force people to work for unemployment benefits? Or is that cruel in today's politically correct society?

Leave the young lady alone

Leave A.J.'s girlfriend alone. Brent Musburger and I think she's a fine specimen of womanhood. She should be a Fox News babe.

No more clowns, please

Al Sharpton as president? Have you lost your mind? Haven't you learned anything in the last five years about electing clowns?

And give him a raise, too

Mike Owen is being wasted on a once-a-week "Inquirer" column. He should write a humor feature like Dave Barry's!

Try some grace and mercy

It says in the scripture that God loves everybody. It does not exclude anybody. There is no place where it says God does not like homosexuality. Maybe you should practice grace and mercy.

Let him in the big house

It's so cold my dog has finally figured out what that little house I put in the backyard five years ago is to be used for.

From which school?

We just don't have enough bacon for three city managers. Let's try an internship from Columbus State on a rotational basis and save the budget.

And he can out-rebound Al

No way Al Sharpton will be the next president. Dennis Rodman will be the next president. He's the smartest, the most qualified and the most beautified.

Where's the help for people?

It's shameful how people always want donations for dogs but a human being just froze to death in Columbus. Where's the help for the human beings?

Proud to be an independent

I've been a dedicated Republican since the days of Barry Goldwater. I proudly declare my independence. I am a political independent and an enemy of Republicans and Democrats.

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