Mele to Utah?

Posted on January 16, 2014 

     The Utah Grizzlies picked up Steve Mele on waivers from South Carolina today. Steve has the option to join the Grizzlies (ECHL) or return to the Snakes.

     Great news for Steve, but it probably means we've seen the last of him in a Snakes sweater. With half a season to go, Steve has the opportunity to go on an extended job interview, showcasing his talent first for the Stingrays, now the Grizzlies, and their opponents.

      Of course, there are no guarantees how long he'll stay with Utah, whereas he has a home in Columbus for the rest of the season if he wants it. It's a tougher decision than it appears on the surface. 

       The grass isn't always greener in higher leagues. It all depends on how trustworthy the coach is and how much you can take him at his word. Ya'all remember when Ian Vigier rode the SC shuttle for a good chunk of a season. Ian got considerable playing time. Not so when he was loaned to another team, went all the way there...and sat after he was told he'd play. BOOOO.

       This isn't a game of semantics for guys at this level. They're playing because they love the game. They're not looking for a roster spot in the ECHL so it can become a line on their resumes. They want to PLAY, not sit the bench or, even worse, become somebody's insurance policy and serve as a healthy scratch.

      If Steve goes out there, I'm happy for him and the opportunity he's earned. I just hope he plays.

      Stay tuned.

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