Court: Cocaine seized during Second Ave bust may be fake

tstevens@ledger-enquirer.comJanuary 17, 2014 

Special Operations Unit agents initially swept through a suspected drug house on Second Avenue in search of cocaine. Now, it appears the crack cocaine found may have been fake, according to court testimony.

Angelo Adams, 29, Frances Gonzalez, 53, Tsetung Taylor, 39, Connie Thomas, 40, and Jennifer Gay, 49, faced charges during a Friday morning Recorder's Court hearing after agents searched 2608 Second Avenue Thursday afternoon.

Adams, Gonzalez and Taylor faced a possession of imitation controlled substances charge during the hearing. Gay and Adams were charged with possession of a controlled substance, while Thomas was charged with obstruction of law enforcement officers.

After investigating the house for months, more than a dozen agents swarmed the house at about 1:30 p.m., to execute a search warrant, an agent told the court.

When agents entered the home, they found numerous people inside. Thomas allegedly made a break for the back door, but was detained in short order by uniformed officers surrounding the premises.

Police initially brought in a drug-sniffing Golden Labrador named Penny to check out the house, but upon seeing the allegedly filthy state of the house agents only allowed the dog to go into the room investigators first entered, the agent told the court.

Officers made their way further into the house, wearing olive green uniforms with black scarfs as masks. In the middle bedroom, agents allegedly found Adams, Gonzalez and Taylor with a sizable amount of yellow pills in plain sight. Those pills were later determined to be 49 Xanax, valued at $1,225.

A clear plastic bag with what appeared to be four crack cocaine rocks was also found. However, an initial field test tested negative for the narcotic. After it failed a second test some time later, it was sent to a crime lab for further investigation.

Adams allegedly took possession of the yellow Xanax pills during questioning. Gay was later found with four separate pink-colored Xanax pills on her person, valued at about $100, the agent said.

Judge Michael Cielinski set Adams' bond at $12,500. A $2,500 bond was set for Gay, Gonzalez and Taylor. Thomas received a $1,000 bond.

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