Auburn football: Montravius Adams Q&A

rblack@ledger-enquirer.comJanuary 17, 2014 

Montravius Adams poses with the crystal ball during BCS Media Day. Photo by Stephen Gross


Editor's note: Montravius Adams was one of the crown jewels of Auburn's 2013 recruiting class. Beat writer Ryan Black caught up with the true freshman defensive tackle prior to the BCS championship game to find out how the Georgia native viewed his debut season on the Plains.

You came in this fall as one of Auburn’s most highly-touted recruits. How do you feel like your game has progressed since the beginning of the season?

To be honest, I’ve felt like I’ve had a really up-and-down season. It could have been a lot better — it should have been a lot better. But I’m just trying to improve every day.

Is there a specific area where you feel you’ve improved the most?

Really, it’s what (defensive line) ‘Coach G’ (Rodney Garner) stresses all the time: fundamentals. Hands, feet, taking the right step and just knowing what to do when you step on the field.

If you believed you’ve underachieved from an individual standpoint, what letter grade would you give yourself?

I’d give myself a C.

Do you think people would be surprised to hear that, knowing how difficult it is to come into the SEC as a freshman and dominate right off the bat, especially as a defensive lineman?

Some people might be surprised. Some might give me a C, and some might give me something higher. But that’s just how I feel about my season.

How much of a friendly rivalry exists among you and fellow freshman linemen Carl Lawson and Elijah Daniel?

We really compete against each other just to try to make each other better, whether it’s in practice or in a game. We’re trying to get better together.

How long did it take you to get used to the speed of the college game? Just before fall camp began, Garner said he thought that would be the key to your season given that you played in the smallest high school classification in Georgia.

When I’m in the game, I feel comfortable. But when I first got here and we were out at practice, I didn’t feel comfortable at all. Our offense was going so fast, it made it hard. You’ve just got to be able to run.

So it’s safe to say your head was spinning at that point?

Yeah, and then being fussed at at the same time — well, not really fussing as much as coaching — was very hard.

Knowing Garner from when he recruited you, that was to be expected, right? He’s always been known as a pretty vocal coach.

I knew that as soon as I met Coach G in the 11th grade at a Georgia camp. He didn’t know me then and he still fussed at me the same way. He’s no different now.

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