Crime Map: Dec. 27-Jan. 9

tstevens@ledger-enquirer.comJanuary 22, 2014 

We play a bit of catch up with this week's crime map. Click here to check out the previous crime map.

For newcomers to the map, a note: it isn't meant to be comprehensive. Columbus law enforcement sometimes make hundreds of arrests in a week, most mundane and some with little information useful to the public.

Instead of mapping each individual report, we've highlighted the crimes we've written about throughout the week. We've also made an effort to mark areas that have seen multiple burglaries or property crimes during the week.

Icons represent the types of crimes committed. Here's the breakdown:

• Boxing gloves: Unarmed assaults

• Gun: Armed assaults

• Money bag: Robberies, burglaries and property crimes

• Pill: Drug-related offenses

• Tombstone: Homicides and other deaths

• Ticket: Citation or other infraction

• Flames: Arson and fires

Because some incidences happened at the same or almost the same location, users may have to zoom in close to see every entry.

Shortly after the end of the month, Tiffany Stevens will post a map with all of the weekly markings along with analysis about a trending crime.

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