Inquirer: What's up with upscale 'hoods?

mowen@ledger-enquirer.comJanuary 26, 2014 

A dead pine leans precariously toward Cascade Road in Green Island Hills last week.


What the heck is going on out there, folks?

First we get a call about a house in Hilton Heights, which is a pretty darn upscale neighborhood. Then this week, I get a call from a reader reporting a dangerous tree situation in Green Island Hills, land of manicured landscaping.

This kind of thing never happened under Bush. Just saying.

"Mike, you have to do something about the dead tree on Cascade Road," my Clearly Distressed Yet Anonymous Reader said in a voicemail message. "It's a big dead pine that's dangling out over the road, and it could hurt somebody if it fell on them."

First, I had to Google Map Cascade Road and was surprised to discover where it is. Like I said, I don't get too many calls from that part of town.

So I drove out there and had a look, and it was worse than I imagined. There are actually two dead pines in a small patch of roadside woods, or urban forest, as we say these days. One of them doesn't appear to constitute much of a threat, but the other is indeed leaning out toward the road and looks as if it is being held up by thick vines.

And it's big enough to knock the beejeebers out of a person or a car.

So I called Deputy Public Works Director Ron Smith on Friday, because he was the one holding down the fort that day.

Ron checked and said no one had called the city to report the situation, but he would send a crew out to check it out.

Later in the afternoon, Ron called back and said the tree did represent a clear danger to anyone on the road there, so the city would take care of it.

I have reported in the past that the CCG's Public Works Department doesn't play around. I drove out to GIH Saturday and the city crew had already taken down the two dead pines and hauled them away. So the accompanying picture is of a problem that no longer exists.

And the really good news is that there are two fewer pine trees in the world today.


Concerned Liverpudlian Debbie notified me that the small apartment building in Midtown we wrote about last year is showing some improvement.

"Hey Mike, there is some SERIOUS clean up action happening at the hideous quadraplex on Eberhart Avenue that you featured some time ago. Check it out!" Debbie wrote.

Thanks for the update, and we'll definitely go check it out.

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