It is useless to resist: Richt and Gurley join Conley's production

semerson@macon.comFebruary 10, 2014 

Mark Richt, center, Chris Conley (to Richt's left) and storm troopers.


ATHENS - Two months ago, as Georgia receiver Chris Conley was just in the planning stagesfor his Star Wars lightsaber movie, I asked head coach Mark Richt if he would be willing to appear in it. And if he was even if he had seen all the Star Wars movie.

“I know about Star Wars pretty good," Richt said, smiling. "I like movies and watch most all of them. I didn’t really realize he was making a movie, but I was in 'Facing the Giants'. and that thing went worldwide, so I’m afraid that’d blow my reputation as an actor if I did something again. If he’d ask me (to be in it), I’d consider it, but I’m not making any promises right now.”

Well, Richt did consider it and agreed to appear. By Sunday evening pictures via Twitter leaked from campus showing Richt posing with storm troopers and also being "arrested" by them, in what presumably was part of the filming. (For the record, Richt's name does not appear in this morning's Galactic Empire jail log.)

Todd Gurley, who said in December he wanted to be in the film, also has a role, as another Twitter pic showed:

Conley began the film project as a lark, but he's now very serious about it, as yet another pic shows:

Just to review, the picture above is of Georgia's leading receiver this past season, and a possible NFL prospect, intently working on a Star Wars lightsaber film. Let that sink in. This is a great country.

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