Court: Man stabs woman in head, arm with machete

tstevens@ledger-enquirer.comFebruary 18, 2014 

Tyrone Hooten

Before a 30-year-old woman could escape her machete-wielding roommate, she was stabbed in the head and the arm, according to court testimony.

Tyrone Hooten, 49, faced aggravated assault and possession of a knife during the commission of a crime charges during a Tuesday morning hearing.

The woman flagged down police during her escape to the Midtown Medical Center Monday morning, an officer told the court. She told police that Tyler Hooten confronted her with what she mistakenly identified as a sword at about 9 a.m., inside their 3700 block Caspian Drive residence.

The victim attempted to avoid Hooten, at one point locking herself in a bathroom. She told police she left her cell phone inside the residence accidentally during the assault.

Police noted that the woman was not in a relationship with Hooten, but had lived with her since October 2013.

Neighbors told police that there had been several problems with Hooten in the past, stemming from alleged mental instability.

When police approached Hooten's residence to speak with the suspect, they heard him loudly talking inside. A machete was clearly visible on Hooten's bed through the window. Police later found blood on the end of the blade, the officer told the court.

During the hearing, Judge Michael Cielinski asked Hooten about an prior second degree domestic violence charge in Alabama. At first, Hooten did not admit knowledge of the case, but later said the victim pointed a gun at him in that dispute.

He also alleged that the victim in Monday's case pointed a gun against his eye and mouth, though police found no evidence of a weapon.

"She had the gun," Hooten said during the hearing. "She came up to me and put a gun up to my mouth and then to my eye. I was just defending myself."

Hooten's bond amounts were not immediately available.

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