NYD murder trial: Truitt involved in unrelated Phenix City shooting

chwilliams@ledger-enquirer.comFebruary 24, 2014 

The sixth day of the murder trial of Dequandrea Truitt and Shaquille Porter saw the prosecution rest its case and Truitt tell the court he plans to testify in his own defense.

Under questioning from Muscogee County Superior Court Judge William Rumer on Monday, Porter told the judge he would not testify in connection with the fatal shooting of Charles Foster Jr., 24, who died from a burst of gunfire around 2:15 a.m. Jan. 1, 2013, in the Majestic Sports Bar, 2102 Cusseta Road. Six others were wounded; and one of those, Terrence Streeter testified Monday.

Both defendants face two counts of murder, seven of aggravated assault and two of using firearms to commit a felony.

The trial will continue at 9 a.m. today with the defense presenting its case. Attorney Michael Eddings began Porter's defense on Monday by putting Streeter on the stand.

Streeter, currently in the Muscogee County Jail on unrelated charges, told of how he went to the Majestic Sports Bar with Shaquille Porter and Porter's cousin on the night of the shooting.

Streeter, only 16 at the time, testified he got into the club by paying $10 and showing no identification. He was shot in the elbow and leg, he testified.

Prosecution witness Erica Streeter, Terrence's older sister, previously testified she saw Shaquille Porter firing repeatedly as he fell to the nightclub floor.

Terence Streeter testified he did not know his sister had identified Shaquille Porter as a shooter.

Under questioning from Chief Assistant District Attorney Alonza Whitaker, Terrence Streeter never identified Shaquille Porter as a shooter.

"If he did something wrong, he should be punished," Terrence Streeter said. "He didn't do anything wrong."

Whitaker pointed out inconsistencies in Terrence Streeter's statements to police and his testimony. Streeter explained his police interview by saying, "I didn't give all of the details because I was tired and I was ready to go home."

He was interviewed at the hospital and again hours later after he was treated and given morphine for his injuries, Streeter testified.

Much of the state's case Monday concentrated on an unrelated November 2012 shooting at the Spencer Recreation Center in south Phenix City involving Truitt. In a pretrial motion, Rumer ruled the prosecution could present evidence of the Phenix City shooting, which came less than two months before the shooting at the Majestic Sports Bar.

Truitt was accused of pulling a gun and shooting Damion Dickerson after Dickerson started a fight outside the gym.

Dickerson, who was not charged in the shooting, said he did not have a gun as he jumped Truitt when he was leaving a basketball game. Truitt reached into his pocket, pulled out a handgun and fired four shots, Dickerson testified under questioning from Senior Assistant District Attorney LaRae Moore and Truitt's defense attorney Stacey Jackson.

"I was dodging bullets," Dickerson told the court. Dickerson said he was grazed under the arm.

Truitt was also shot and injured during the altercation.

Albert Lee Evans, an employee with the Phenix City Parks and Recreation Department, backed up Dickerson's account of the shooting. Evans testified he did not see a gun on Dickerson and he saw Truitt fire shots from a hand gun.

Dickerson testified that the confrontation began two weeks prior at a Macon Road club in Columbus. Dickerson, who is now 20, was shot in the leg at the club. Though Dickerson did not see who shot him, he testified he was told by a friend it was Truitt. He and Truitt met in the two weeks between the Macon Road and the Spencer Recreation shootings, and Truitt denied shooting Dickerson in the Macon Road club, Dickerson told the court.

The prosecution also used a GBI ballistics expert to outline the evidence collected inside and outside the club. Inside, where Foster was shot, there 9 mm and .45 caliber casings found.

Catherine Jordan, a GBI firearms expert, that casings or bullets were discovered from as many as four guns. Most of the evidence came from a 9 mm weapon and .45 caliber weapon.

The seven .45 casings found inside the club and the three found outside came from same gun, Jordan testified.

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