7 at 7: Greg Robinson's stock continues to rise (w/links)

rblack@ledger-enquirer.comFebruary 25, 2014 

Auburn's Greg Robinson (left) was already regarded as one of the top prospects heading into May's NFL draft. And after his performance at the combine this past weekend, his stock has only continued to improve.

TODD VAN EMST — Auburn University

AUBURN, Ala. — I'm not sure how you're doing this morning. I hope it's going well. And while I can't speak for everyone, it's likely your day is going a bit better than Raymond Felton's.

Sure, everyone is innocent until proven guilty in this country, but it's not a good look when you're arrested on three different counts of criminal possession of a weapon, especially when two of those are felonies. One would think after the gun issues former New York Giants receiver Plaxico Burress had in the Big Apple, Felton would have thought twice about keeping weapons with him.

Enough about Felton, though.

Let's get to today's links, shall we?

1. Greg Robinson started all 14 games at left tackle for Auburn last season. When the third-year sophomore decided to depart after the season, few were surprised, as he was already regarded as one of the top players available for this year's NFL draft. He didn't disappoint over the weekend at the NFL combine, as he ticked off every measurable teams would want in the height and weight departments (6-foot-5 and 335 pounds), did 32 reps on the bench press and impressed with a better-than-expected time in the 40-yard dash. (More on that later.) You can find out even more about Robinson's time at the combine by reading Dan Pompei's story. The Sports on Earth writer was granted exclusive access to the highly-touted offensive lineman, and it shows in a well-reported and well-written piece.

2. Dee Ford and Chris Davis, Robinson's former teammates at Auburn, didn't hurt themselves over the weekend. But they didn't exactly help themselves, either. Ford made more news for his comments about another well-known defensive end than for his own performance, as he withdrew from individual workouts Monday. He was told not to participate by combine officials due to an issue with a herniated disk in his back that occurred in 2011. Davis joined Ford as a non-participant; the Iron Bowl hero injured his hamstring during a workout in Auburn last Friday.

3. Gus Malzahn said last week he might not fill every vacant position (five in all) he has on his support staff. That won't be the case for at least one of them, however, as the Tigers hired Byrnes (S.C.) High School coach Bobby Bentley on Monday. Bentley will serve as an offensive analyst and help tutor Auburn's quarterbacks.

4. CBS Sports took a look at 15 college basketball coaches it viewed as being on the hot seat as of last week. There are four SEC coaches on it, and all should be familiar names to those who live in the greater Columbus metropolitan area.

5. AL.com's Jon Solomon had an interesting series of articles last week focusing on youth football. One article noted that research shows concussions are less likely in younger players. In another, Solomon wrote about how the Heads Up Program is trying to teach youngsters the right way to play in hopes of reversing the trend of declining participation in football leagues around the country.

6. You'll need a a lot of time on your hands for this next story. (Also, please note that the article contains a few instances of mature language. Thanks in advance.)

Caitlin Flanagan spent a year working on this article centered around fraternities for The Atlantic. I certainly learned a lot by reading this long-form effort, and if you're interested in the subject matter, I highly recommend it.

For a bit more detail, here's the subhead to the story: "A yearlong investigation of Greek houses reveals their endemic, lurid, and sometimes tragic problems—and a sophisticated system for shifting the blame."

7. Let's get back to Robinson for a moment. Many may have seen the meme featuring Robinson and former Alabama quarterback AJ McCarron by now. If not, check it out below, via Carl Lawson's Twitter account.

For those not in the know, it refers to the fact that Robinson ran a time every bit as fast — or faster — than McCarron in the 40-yard dash. (Blame my uncertainty on the strange delineation made between "unofficial" and "official" times; "unofficially," Robinson was timed at 4.88 and 4.84, while he was "officially" timed at 4.92. Regardless, it's pretty doggone good for an offensive lineman.)

We'll follow with McCarron's video. He was timed at 4.94 on his second attempt.

Finally, if for no other reason to show off what a freak athlete he is, check out Jadeveon Clowney's two attempts in the same event.

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