Georgia rumors at the center of Justin Bieber prank

acarlson@ledger-enquirer.comFebruary 25, 2014 

Justin Bieber, the famous pop star and super-famous tabloid star, has been in Georgia recently. He's been seen in the studio. He's been seen eating chicken. He's been seen playing hockey.

He's reportedly considering buying a house in Atlanta.

It's that last one that sparked a wave of new controversy early this week and late last. The Buckhead Neighborhood Coalition claimed to be organizing protests on Blackland Road. This protest added an extra layer to the initial headlines — "Bieber to Atlanta" became "Atlantans protesting Bieber's move to Atlanta."

Except the whole "backlash" came in air quotes: "The Buckhead Neighborhood Coalition is an organization put together by 'the Regular Guys Show,'" Rock 100.5 host Larry Wachs said Monday, which means its outrage isn't real. (The "Coalition" earlier that day staged a protest in front of a Buckhead mansion.) Complicating the alphabet soup, TRG also set up a Facebook page for the BNC.

Some journalists saw this coming. Others presumably did not: both the BBC and CNN interviewed protest spokesman "Harold White," played by the Regular Guys' Tim Andrews.

So: Bieber hasn't bought a house in Georgia yet. He probably could — but as CNN reminds us, Bieber faces multiple criminal charges in more than one country. He may be busy.

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