Injury Bug Bites Snakes

Posted on February 28, 2014 

     Quick update from the Snakes-Surge series...

     Two wins/four points for the Snakes, but what costly wins they could be. Tory Allan is probably out for the year after being hurt in Thursday night's contest in Biloxi. A clean hit by Mark Thorburn had Tory unable to leave the ice under his own power. He was literally dragged off by his teammates. His was the glum face you saw at ice level tonight, next to an equally grim Chris Bailer. Tory will undergo testing, but it doesn't look good. :(

      Tom Maldonado spent half of the game on the bench after being injured midway through the second period. Whether the injury is serious, painful or both remains to be seen. But if Tom misses even one game, much less more or, heaven forbid, an extended period, the Snakes will be hurting for d-men, especially ones with his experience. They're down to Mike Switzer, Kyle Johnson, Jason Gray and Andy Willigar, plus emergency fill-in Levi Lind

       Hours after I said Steve Mele won't be donning a Snakes sweater again this year, let me add an asterisk...until possibly tonight! Utah waived him and, after a "yes, I'm coming, no I'm not, well, maybe I am" exchange with Jerome, Steve should be in uniform on Saturday night. 

       Life at the Snake Pit. Gotta love it...:) More on the Matt Gingera show and all of the "firsts" tonight after tomorrow night's game.

       Stay tuned.


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