Real Estate Transactions -- March 8

March 6, 2014 


Selected property transactions in Muscogee County, recorded December 27-February 27

Warm Springs Road Parnters, LLP, formerly named 2724 Warm Springs Road Partners, LLP to St. Francis Hospital, Inc.; map & parcel 191-012-002; $5,750,000

James K. Milligan to Milligan Forest, LLC; map & parcel 096-008-011; $1,877,881

Kenneth M. Henson, Jr., 401K/Profit Sharing Plan to Kenneth Henson, Jr.; 6910 &6920 River Road; $1,000,505

Buena Vista Holding, LLC to NJ Triple Net Enterprises 1, LLC and NJ Triple Net Enterprises 2, LLC; map & parcel 0087-026-0004; $754,711

Blakely Voltz to Edward and Donna Renee Horner; 7620-7 River Road; $720,000; residential

Parrish Construction Co., Inc. to Michael and Hunter Dempsey; 9269 Travelers Way; $675,000

GCW Land, LLC to Woodruff Family Investments, LLLP; map & parcel; $650,000

Parrish Builders, Inc. to Gregory and Patricia McLaughlin; 8201 Preservation Trail; $549,000

Kayne Investments, Inc. to Affordable Veterinary Services, LLC; 7660 Kayne Boulevard; $543,000; commercial

Flat Shoals Creek, LLC to F&C Ventures, LLC; 2601 Manchester Expressway; $530,000; commercial

Catherine S. Graves and Cynthia Wahl, as successor co-administratrices with the will annexed to Columbus Sky, LLC; map & parcel 064-028-002;064-028-002A; $525,000

David Duncan to Margaret Norman; 9119 Travelers Way; $480,000; residential

James R. Laycock and Dorothy Laycock to Kevin Oshinski and Julia Davis; 8025 Wellington Trace; $440,000

DSBV Property, LLC to Valbrun and Nicole Almonord; 7458 Standing Boy Road; $379,000; residential

David Scott to John and Jennifer Goodaster; 7628 Layfield Road; $334,900

Jerome Fleischer to Linda Jackson; 4701-4 Turnberry Lane; $324,900; residential

Anthony Gristina and Julie Suzanne Sivell to Pasquale and Lane Lacorte; 2905 Averett Drive; $310,500

Ruth Evert to Edward and Frances Berry; 2909 Fleetwood Drive; $309,000; residential

Southern Custom Construction to Brian and Micha Brunner; 508 Double Churches Road; $308,000; residential

JTCN Enterprises, LLC to Mitchell Yancey and Sandy Smith; 123 Willett Drive; $297,300

Grayhawk Homes, Inc. to Jarris and Latrece George; 8879 Westwind Drive; $284,900

Brian Harper to Jae Ham; 4581 English Ivy Drive; $275,000

Summie Thomas, III to David and Amanda Scott; 1004 Annbriar Lane; $272,500

McCollum Real Estate Investments, LLC to Buzz Tech, LLC; 1018 Vesper Drive; $272,000; residential

Synovus Trust Company, N.A., Executor under the last will and testament of Randolph Swift Jordan to Jack and Kelly Lollar; 6821 Copper Oaks Road; $262,500; residential

McCollum Real Estate Investments, LLC to McCollum Investments Group, LLC; 8110 Twin Chapel Drive; $262,000; residential

Barbara Godwin to Gregory and Annette Blankenship; 6734 Beaver Court; $252,000

Lifestyle Villas, LLC to Susan Lockwood; 4785 Patina Place; $235,325

Eric Terrell to Matthew and Miranda Peters; 4586 English Ivy Drive; $233,000

Alyssa Coates to Paul and Margaret Powers; 5 Mallard Court; $232,000

Grayhawk Homes, Inc. to Rayburn Ray, Jr.; 10262 Sable Court; $226,434

Johnny Tolsma to Marcus Mincy; 1217 32nd Street; $225,000

Gary Lisle to Fleur Upchurch; map & parcel 19103300404B; $224,000

R. Spencer Waddell, Inc. to Lamar and Evelyn Caldwell; 1438 Grove Park Drive Unit 16B; $223,000; residential

Grayhawk Homes, Inc. to Michael Williams; 7293 Sorrel Court; $218,452

Ray M. Wright, Inc. to Christopher Feroli; map & parcel 131-09-004; $212,000

Grayhawk Homes, Inc. to Wendell Conley; 5193 Magazine Lane; $209,876

Garry August to Alexandru Vasilescu; 4322 Sears Road; $209,000

Kevin Hudson to Heon and Diane Hong; 1018 Woodville Drive; $207,500

Garyhawk Homes, Inc. to Manuel Alvarez; map & parcel 101-028-031; $201,600

Ray M. Wright, Inc. to David Carver, Jr. and Nancy Carber; map & parcel 131-008-003; $204,840

Richard Traugh to William and Julie Larese; 1201 Front Avenue #311; $202,000; residential

James Milligan to Milligan Forest, LLC; map & parcel 096-008-005; $200,700

Ray M. Wright, Inc. to Douglas Vaughn; map & parcel 132-023-008; $199,500

Derek Stevens to Elizabeth and Justin Hayes; 9048 Sante Fe Court; $189,900

Letcher Crawford to Daniel Rose; 2855 Edgewood Road; $189,900; residential

Woodruff Contracting Company, LLC to J. B. Allen; 382 Chatham Woods Court; $189,000; residential

Srinivas Chilakamarri to Jiajia Huang; 9021 Sante Fe Court; $189,000; residential

Carl Dunton to James Miller; 5321 Pine Needle Drive; $185,000

Ray M. Wright, Inc. to Tavenesha Shepard; map & parcel 128-007-007; $183,175

Christopher Cordero to Pamela Johnson; 1201 Front Avenue; $183,000

David McQuinn, Jr. to Scott Shrout; 7211 Cartledge Road; $181,000

Lamar Caldwell to David and Tiffany Saxton; 2 Pine Needle Court; $180,500

Warren Lawson to Willy Ortega; 3624 Denewood Ct.; $180,000

D.R. Horton,Inc. to Vickie Powell; 6388 Lemongrass Dr.; $179,990

Mary McConathy to Amy Johnson; 1520 E. Dinglewood Dr.; $178,500

Michael Tribby to Harold Walker, Sr.; 14420 Ridge Court; $175,100

Tracy Tanner to Sergio Lopez; 6722 Springlake Drive; $175,000; residential

Leslie L. Cohn, Co-Trustee of the Credit Shelter Trust f/b/o Aaron Cohn to Harold and Shannon Farrow; 1916 Preston Drive; $175,000; residential

Leigh Ann West, as Executor under the Last Will and Testament of Margaret Jonelle Noell, deceased to Gregory Hesson; 1 Setter Court; $173,000; residential

Caroline E. Reese Remmie N/K/A Caroline E. Brown to Joshua Seyboth; 7009 Dovefield Way; $172,500

Robin King to Sharmon Taylor; 8012 Lagoon Ct.; $172,300

Joel Waugh to Larry Gidron,Jr.; 7928 Westlake Dr.; $170,055

Brandon Atkins to Victor Ortega; map & parcel 090049002; $170,000

Stone Financing,LLC to Myong Yi; 44 Oak Ridge Dr.; $169,500

Bradley Grantham to Chana Amos-Mott; 7965 Big Creek Place; $168,000

Kyle Fritz to Jaymes Fritz; 8076 Garrett Pines Drive; $165,500

Johnathan Payne to Sharon Poole; 6 Mossdale Ct.; $165,000

Joshua Hatch to Brandon Newkirk; 6015 White Pine Dr.; $162,950

W.C. Osbon,Sr. to JNM Holdings,LLC; 911 38th St. and 913 38th St.; $160,000

Alan Fleming to Linander's Tree Service,LLC; 4770 Kolb Ave.; $160,000

Albert Collins,Jr. as trustee U/I/3 of the will of Al…* to Joseph Balvanz; 3373 Windermere St.; $158,000

Kennon Realty Services,Inc. to Jody Sapp; 2222 Westminster Way; $156,900

Grayhawk Homes,Inc. to Michelle Williams; 1576 Antietam Dr.; $156,462

D.R. Horton, Inc. to Steven Laine; 2655 Honeysuckle Drive; $153,000; residential

Grayhawk Homes, Inc. to Cameron Webb; 665 Upland Court; $152,137

Robert Williams to Christopher Klinkosh; 3820 Wingate Dr.; $151,000

Robert Morrison to Kamlesh Bohra; 3134 College Dr.; $150,000

Joseph Allen to Spencer and Kyle Cox; 3774 Cardinal Landing Drive; $150,000

D.R. Horton, Inc. to Jerica Collazo; 2647 Honeysuckle Drive; $150,000; residential

Federal Home Loan Mortgage Corporation to Dennis Albritton; 4532 Warner Court; $150,000; residential

Parrish Construction Co.,Inc. to Ralph Corizzo; 9198 Travelers Way; $150,000


Selected building permits in Muscogee County, recorded February 10 - February 14:

3264 Victory Dr.; $850,000; Hill Three,LLC; warehouses & restaurants

6801 River Rd. #21; $387,980.80; R.W. Flowers,Inc.; office,banks and prof. bldg.

7116 Bridgemill Dr.; $228,203.64; David McEldoon; single family residence

7312 Sorrel Ct.; $220,090.50; Grayhawk Homes,Inc.; single family residence

3529 Edgewood Rd.; $165,542.58; Bill Hart,Inc.; single family residence

3521 Edgewood Rd.; $165,542.58; Bill Hart,Inc.; single family residence

3821 Hamilton Rd.; $120,000; O'Reilly Auto Parts; add/repair other building

7324 Kirkwood Dr.; $30,000; Jerome Bledsoe; add/repair residential building

6440 W. Hamilton Park Dr.; $26,000; Whittlesey Av8trs,LLC.; add/repair other building

732 Broadway; $18,000; Andrea Richardson; add/repair residential building

543 1st Ave.; $15,000; Leisa Eve Ray; add/repair residential building

4211 Milgen Rd. 8 & 9; $12,000; D.L. Jordan; add/repair other building

5217 Verdun Ct.; $8978; Dorothy Reed; add/repair residential building

2839 Schaul St.; $8412; Alice Thomas; add/repair residential building

3801 Austin Dr.; $5000; Aaron Gabrielson: storage building

1348 Jason Ct.; $4433.32; Cori Whitehead; add/repair residential building

2419 Lancaster Dr.; $4122; John Evans; add/repair residential building

2875 W. Britt David Rd.; $4000; Nicholas Palacio-Perez; add/repair residential building

4249 N. Oaks Dr.; $3400; Jeff & Doreen Milam; residential garage

972 Lismore Dr.; $3030; Michel Chevalier ; storage building

3071 Williams Rd.; $3000; Allen Development Group; add/repair other building

108 Bascom Ct.; $2500; Rachael Lee; add/repair other building

2591 Kingsridge Rd.; $2392; Barbara Brown; add/repair residential building

4106 Wilbur Dr.; $1436.04; Pamela Young; add/repair residential building

728 Asa Dr.; $1091.56; David Rivera; add/repair residential building


Selected building permits in Harris County, recorded February 1- February 28:

69 Mobley Rd.; $774,500; Thayer-Bray Construction; church addition

54 Rolling Farm Ct.; $450,320; CPJ Custom Homes,LLC; single family dwelling

320 Rolling Farm Way; $422,435; William Hawk; single family dwelling

70 Pine Oak Way; $285,285; Edgar Hughston Builders; single family dwelling

67 Pin Oak Way; $246,675; Edgar Hughston Builders; single family dwelling

63 Oak Leaf Way; $239,395; Edgar Hughston Builders; single family dwelling

601 Moss Dr.; $225,500; Edgar Hughston Builders; single family dwelling

92 Valley Bluff Dr.; $196,885; Edgar Hughston Builders; single family dwelling

80 Valley Bluff Dr.; $185,380; Edgar Hughston Builders; single family dwelling

46 Foggy Cedar Dr.; $164,905; Grayhawk Homes,Inc.; single family dwelling

6961 US HWY 27; $40,000; Ronald McDonald; storage building

8888 GA HWY 116; $25,905; Reaves Restoration; electrical

133 Gray Fox Ct.; $20,000; Precision Pools; swimming pool

13 Mountain Lake Dr.; $15,600; REM Brady Construction; garage

5118 GA HWY 354; $12,888; Daniel Hamilton; single family addition

1351 Quail Hollow Dr.; $11,700; Cantrell Contracting; single family addition

979 Grey Rock Rd.; $7812; David Theobald; demolition

7667 GA HWY 85; $6500; To the Max Advertising; sign/billboard

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