Loewen Shatters SPHL Record

Posted on March 9, 2014 

    Thanks to SPHL VP Doug Price for the following info and my pal Dana Barker for getting the ball rolling on getting this exciting info:

     Columbus Cottonmouths goaltender Andrew Loewen shattered the league record for consecutive shutout minutes. Andrew's tally right now is 191:07 (and counting) over the last four games. Three shutouts (@60 minutes each) plus 11:07 at the tail end of the game vs the Mississippi Surge on Feb. 27.

     The previous record was held by the Surge's Dan Earles during the 2010-2011 season. Earles' shutout string (166.17) also spanned four games. Others on this impressive list are: Mark Cairns, Macon, 2004-2005 (155:42), including two shutouts of the Snakes...yikes; Riley Gill, Louisiana, 2012-2013 (154:49) and Bill Zaniboni, MSS, 2009-2010 (151:52).

     Kudos to Andrew and thanks again to Doug and Dana.

    Stay tuned.

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