Tim Chitwood: Gas up to multi-task into spring

tchitwood@ledger-enquirer.comMarch 9, 2014 

Giving up navel piercings for lint, it's Monday Mail.

Take care

Research shows workplace injuries and fatigue jump significantly the Monday after daylight saving time begins.

So be careful out there, especially if you're handling some equipment that can give you a nasty cut, like a piece of paper.

Need for speed

Speaking of precautions, prepare yourselves, for spring lurks ever nearer.

Twice in the course of a year life speeds up -- in the spring and autumn.

In the autumn come back-to-school, football, Halloween, elections.

In the spring come graduation, baseball, St. Patrick's Day, and … elections, again, this year.

And it's all going to happen fast. St. Patrick's Day is next Monday, so you might celebrate that Saturday, lest workplace injuries soar the Tuesday after people drink a lot of green beer the night before.

Aside from campaign events, the election schedule's hit a lull, so catch your breath. Next comes a March 31 campaign disclosure deadline. Election workers mail out paper absentee ballots starting April 7; the registration deadline's April 21; in-person early voting's April 28 through May 16.

Know to go

Here's Bob Garrard's posting to a Feb. 9 column on bad drivers:


Did I imagine the words "open season" coming from you? Or are they already printed on our drivers' licenses?

Two of the absolute worst places for runners of red lights are on Manchester Expressway. The first is from Hilton-Woodruff Road turning left across oncoming traffic onto Manchester Expressway, westbound. The second is from Armour Road, turning left across oncoming traffic onto Manchester Expressway eastbound (toward Peachtree Mall). These red light runners must think there's safety in numbers or St. Christopher is personally watching over them. I've seen as many as five idiots in a row run them. They remind me of a school of mullet swimming single file down a canal in Florida. But don't let the city traffic engineer read this -- or he'll have a study done. Next thing we know, he'll propose Improvements -- you know, those that make traffic hazards even worse.

… The best driver-multi-tasker I've ever seen could smoke a cigarette, hold down the push-to-talk button, talk on his CB radio, and drink a beer, all at the same time. Wonder what he would think of these modern-day marvels -- many of them women -- who don't have enough hands to hold the beer?

Dear Bob:

Be careful about stereotyping women. My wife can do way more while she drives than I can.

I once wrecked a car just trying to find a song on an eight-track tape player.

Tim Chitwood, tchitwood@ledger-enquirer.com, 706-571-8508.

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