Court: Warm Springs Road man apprehends car thief

tstevens@ledger-enquirer.comMarch 20, 2014 

David Doughman

Escape attempts were futile for a suspected car thief Tuesday after a Warm Springs Road resident caught the teen sneaking through his property, according to court testimony.

Armed with an assault rifle, Chad Davidson held David L. Doughman Jr. in custody after the 17 year old hit him with the stolen car in an attempt to escape. Doughman faced aggravated assault, theft by receiving stolen property and criminal trespass charges during a Wednesday morning court hearing.

At about 3:30 a.m., Davidson's baying dogs alerted him to the presence of intruders. He noticed headlights and a person sprinting near his pool at his 8700 block home.

"I just had a $12,000 4-wheeler stolen two weeks ago," Davidson said. "I got dressed and ran out with my rifle to stop them."

By the time Davidson caught up with the vehicle, Doughman was attempting to turn around near a patch of woods. When Davidson tried to block Doughman from leaving in the vehicle, the suspect rolled forward and hit him, he said.

"I wasn't hurt. He barely bumped me," Davidson said. "When he bumped me with the car I fired off two warning shots with my assault rifle. Then he decided to give it up, I guess. He rolled the window down and stuck his arms out of the vehicle."

With the help of his father, who lives at a nearby property, Davidson walked Doughman back to his driveway and ordered him to lay down.

"He told us he had been out there stealing stuff before," Davidson said. "When the officers got there, they said they were glad I didn't kill, though I would have had a right to."

During Wednesday's hearing, Davidson noted he's posted numerous signs indicating the boundaries of his land, which stretch over 30 acres.

Judge Michael Cielinski set a $31,000 bond on Doughman's charges.

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