Detective Molly Davis named Officer of the Month for February

benw@ledger-enquirer.comMarch 22, 2014 

A Columbus police detective who played a key role in solving numerous thefts and recovering more than $40,000 in stolen property is the department's Officer of the Month for February.

"It's an honor," said detective Molly Davis. "It really is. I like to feel what I do makes a difference. This certainly solidifies that I guess."

A big break in multiple thefts occurred in late January when Davis volunteered to interview a suspect. After two hours of interviewing, Davis was able to get the suspect to admit to a number of burglaries and auto break-ins in Maplewood, Hilton Heights, Lakebottom and the Jordan-Johnson areas.

Following up on the information with another detective, Davis drove the suspect around Columbus where he confessed to 76 car break-ins, five residential burglaries and six auto thefts.

Although Davis has been assigned to the Burglary and Theft Unit less than a year, she has skills of a model investigator, her supervisor said.

"The determination and focus that detective Davis instilled in her investigations is an excellent example of a model investigator," said Police Sgt. Joe Weatherford. "Her skills and prowess as an interviewer also were revealed during the time frame for which she has been in the Burglary and Theft Unit."

With help through social media, Davis also was involved in nabbing six burglary suspects on Victory Drive. Davis, 28, has noticed a drastic reduction in crimes after suspects are jailed on property crimes.

"You put the right people in jail and your stats go to the floor," she said.

A native of Ohio, Davis has six years with the department and hopes to make law enforcement a career.

"I think it is my calling," she said. "It is a family profession. I'm excited to come to work every day."

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