Call for the mailbag

semerson@macon.comMarch 23, 2014 

ATHENS, Ga. - I was waiting for the right time to hold another mailbag, and this is it: Basketball season is over. Spring football practice is underway. And ... well lots of other stuff is happening too. But those are the major things.

If you have a question you want answered, or a concern you'd like addressed, this is your chance: E-mail me at, tweet at me at @sethemerson, or post in the comment section below.

You can ask about Georgia football, basketball, another sport ... anything related to what is normally covered here. And I'm not opposed to questions about food, television or raising 10-month-old boys.

I do request, but do not require, that you provide your city and state (or country) of residence. I also am going to become a real stickler for not taking multiple questions, unless they're all really good. And the shorter and more to your point the question, the better chance it has to be answered.

Sorry if this comes off too much like a school marm. But I am married to a college professor, so I guess it's rubbed off.

I'll post the mailbag later this week. Fire away.

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