Inquirer: Former sign business has unsightly backyard

mowen@ledger-enquirer.comMarch 23, 2014 

MIKE OWEN/mowen@ledger-enquirer.comRefuse is strewn behind this building on Armour Road, causing an eyesore for the neighborhood.

We encountered a property this week that looks just fine from the front, but it's quite unsightly when viewed from the rear.

Sort of like Kim Kardashian.

Concerned Reader Cathy called this one in. It's at the corner of Billie Drive and Armour Road and used to house a sign business. Cathy said the people who owned the business were great, but they apparently went bust and were in the process of moving stuff out of the building.

But suddenly they stopped, which wouldn't be so bad except for all the crap strewn about the backyard.

There are a couple of large, crudely built tables upon which one assumes signs were made. Sign-making materials are leaning up against tables and lying on the ground all over the yard. Trash cans and bags and an old five-gallon bucket complete the picture.

Worse, Cathy says, when the wind blows, it blows some of this refuse out into the street and into people's yards.

"It's such an eyesore!" she said.

Cathy said she has contacted the city and has even called her city councilor, whom I will not identify here because Red's a friend of mine.


So I'll put in a call to Special Enforcement Manager Drale Short, because her people handle this kind of thing and see what the city can do.

Stay tuned.


We're going back in time this week to visit a couple of golden oldies.

Last September we wrote about some property around the intersection of Veterans Parkway and Cooper Creek Road. The city made the owners clear up the overgrowth and all was well, except there was still an ugly and decrepit house on the corner.

I got a call about that house earlier this year and went out to look. Good news: Someone was in the process of taking it down. This did not look like a professional job because I never saw any heavy equipment out there, but eventually they got it down and hauled it off.

Except for the masonry work. Still remaining on the lot are a couple of brick stoops, two brick fireplaces (but no chimneys) and a scattering of brick pilings.

Going back further, back to November 2012, we wrote about a house that had burned out but not down on Gardiner Drive.

I'll tell you how long ago that was -- Rebecca Wiggins was the inspector I spoke to about it, and she's been retired for a while now. At the time, she said she would have the house inspected and put the dreaded Big Red D on it if need be.

Now, about 14-15 months later, it does indeed have the D on it, but nothing has been done, and Concerned Reader Joanne is not pleased.

"All they've done is park a dump truck there," she said.

So I'll also call Inspections and Code Director Greg Coates and see if it's OK for all that masonry to remain and what the heck is the holdup on Gardiner Drive.

Again, stay tuned.

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