The interesting rules for Georgia basketball players

semerson@macon.comMarch 26, 2014 

ATHENS - The Georgia men's basketball program has some very detailed policies on how its players should act off the court, including their dating lives.

In fact, players are told in no uncertain terms to be monogamous.

The policy was included in documents provided by UGA to journalism students at the University of Maryland investigating how schools monitor their athletes' social media accounts. Because UGA adheres so strongly to the state's open records laws, the response to the students covered more than just social media. You can view all the documents here.

According to the document, Georgia men's basketball players are told to "Treat women with respect." And then it explains further:

- "No means no, date rape is a serious issue.
- You don’t own your girlfriend.
- Birth control is your responsibility too.
- Never assault or intimidate a woman.
- Don’t spend all of your energy in the bed all night
- Hicky’s/passion marks should not be ever noticed by coaches
- One. Not two or three girlfriends."

There is also a policy regarding appearance:

- "You will always be expected to maintain an appropriate appearance (haircuts, shaven, no rags, no sag).
- Appearance is very important in life.
- Clean yourself up when you leave house, haircut, no braids, no rags.
- I don't want sagging, never want to see the crack of your ass."

It's not clear from the document who "I" means, but since head coach Mark Fox is referred to elsewhere, it appears to mean someone else.

In any event, a player's apartment better be clean too:

- "We're paying so we're inspecting. I can enter the dorm at any time."
- Apartment parties not recommended."

There are also policies on social networking, with players only allowed to tweet after signing an agreement with Fox.

UGA provided the Maryland students with 13 different policies by nine different programs, including football and baseball. The men's basketball team's policy was the most stringent.

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