Report: Muscogee scores low in statewide health ranking

acarlson@ledger-enquirer.comMarch 27, 2014 

Muscogee County ranks 114 out of 159 counties in Georgia in terms of health outcomes, according to an annual report issued by The Robert Wood Johnson Foundation — but the county ranks 58/159 in health factors, "an estimate of the future health of counties as compared to other counties within a state."

County Health Rankings pulls from almost three dozen specific indicators, much of it from state and county data, which are then broadened back into two measurements: health outcomes and health factors.

The former represents is "based on two types of measures: how long people live and how healthy people feel while alive." Muscogee county ranks 123/159 in the state for length of life; and 85/159 for quality of life, which includes the percentage of residents with fair or poor health and the percentage of low birth weights. More here.

Muscogee's ranking in health factors, meanwhile, is much higher and is "based on four types of measures: health behaviors, clinical care, social and economic, and physical environment factors." The county ranked 149/159 in health behaviors (smoking, drinking and obesity rates; teen pregnancy; etc.), 6/159 in clinical care (number of health and care providers; number of preventable hospital stays; etc.), 57/19 in social and economic factors (education level; unemployment; etc.) and 40/159 in physical environment (air and water pollution rates; length of commute; etc.)

Several of Georgia's counties suffered some of the worst health rates in the nation (as did Alabama's).

Alabama's Lee and Russell Counties ranked 3 and 53 out of 67 counties in health outcomes, respectively; and 3 and 54 out of 67 in health factors. Learn more about Lee's ranking here; and more about Russell's ranking here.

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