Snakes Playoff Scenarios

Posted on March 31, 2014 

      Good morning, Snakes fans!! Or I should say...good morning if you're a Snakes fan! After dropping game one, 2-0, the Snakes roar back to win the remaining two games. Character series win for the guys. More to come later. First, time to get the semifinals scheduled...

       Tricky on both ends as both the Columbus Civic Center and the Von Braun Center are crammed full of events during the prime weekend dates. Jerome Bechard texted me the following two scenarios early this morning...and I do mean early! haha

  • Game 1: at Huntsville...Wednesday, April 2
  • Game 2: at Columbus...Thursday, April 3
  • Game 3 (if necessary) at Huntsville...Sunday, April 6
       Second possibility:

  • Game 1: at Columbus...Thursday, April 3
  • Game Huntsville...Friday,April 4
  • Game 3 (if necessary) at Huntsville...Sunday,April 6
       Don't make your travel plans for Huntsville just yet, though. Just as it did two years ago, Huntsville will host its games in the Iceplex, their practice rink, because the circus is book at VBC. This was a debacle two years ago for fans and not great for me, either, haha.

        Two years ago, Columbus fans were told that there would be no ticket availability for them. Huntsville fans revolted about the limited seating at the Iceplex and they stayed away. Turned out to be a lose-lose situation for fans as there were seats left unused. 

       I have to deal with travel, seating and internet issues, but my pal Ashley Balch in Huntsville was awesome to deal with and solved all of these problems for me. Getting ahead of myself. Need dates first...

        Final dates will come sometime this morning.

        Stay tuned.

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