Chattahoochee Chatter: Fresh, diet-crushing brownies

April 2, 2014 

The conference room for Phenix City Council work sessions can get crowded.

Really crowded, with mostly councilmembers and staff.

But there is one thing that is consistent about the meetings that happen the day before the scheduled meeting -- District 2 Councilwoman Gail Head brings something freshly baked and diet crushing.

Usually it's a plate full of chocolate chip cookies, but Monday the retired school teacher hit a home run.


A Ledger-Enquirer reporter posted a picture of the brownies on his Facebook page. Councilmember Chris Blackshear shared it.

"She hasn't missed a work session yet!" Blackshear posted on his Facebook page.

Now that is a winning streak.


Now that your sugar tooth has been piqued, we're sure you're wondering what kind of goodies are served on the Columbus side of the river.

Good luck with that. If you want to get the Columbus Council's goodies, you'll have to run for council or get hired by the city as a department head.

Council's board room and break room are tucked way back behind the big horseshoe, out of sight from prying (or even hungry) reporters.

There was a day, back in the old Council Chambers on the Plaza Level of the Government Center, when reporters had free run of the board room, which was to the left side of the horseshoe desk.

We won't say which one of the media horde botched that arrangement for the rest of us, because we don't want to hurt Chuck's feelings.


The Music Preparatory Division of Columbus State University's Schwob School of Music has a new program called Yoga and Group Piano for Moms & Kids.

While the kids are getting their piano lesson, moms can do yoga in a room across the hall.

This might be a good idea for other places where one has to wait. Waiting to get a driver's license, how about some yoga to kill the time?


Did you know that Lions and Snakes play nice?

The arena football team Lions and the minor league hockey team Cottonmouths, that is.

The Columbus Lions originally had Fan Fest scheduled for today, but the event was canceled because the hockey team advanced in the playoffs and

will play in town tonight.

"Even though Fan Fest is being canceled, we are thrilled with the reason for the cancellation," said Lions co-owner Skip Seda. "The Cottonmouths (hockey team is) in the second round of the SPHL playoffs! … We are rooting for the Cottonmouths to bring home what we hope are two championships for the city of Columbus this year.

"The collective team of the Columbus Lions, the Columbus Cottonmouths, and the Columbus Civic Center work together and always try and do what is best for all our collective fans."

The first home game for the Columbus Lions is scheduled for Saturday. They lost their opener to Harrisburg 71-54.

Fans are reminded that the playing field is open after each home game so you can meet the players and Lady Lions dancers.

Game time is set for 7 p.m. Saturday. Call the Lions office for tickets at 706-322-3336.

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