Inmate stabbed in Muscogee Jail, deputies search for suspect

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The Muscogee County Jail. 08/30/13


A Muscogee County Jail inmate hiding his face with a cloth stabbed another multiple times Tuesday with a "shank," or hand-crafted weapon, the sheriff’s office said Thursday.

Maj. Randy Robertson said the yet-unknown assailant stabbed the sleeping victim in the mouth, back and leg.

“They have all kinds of blankets and sheets available to them, so he wrapped it around his head to disguise his identity,” Robertson said. “No charges have been filed. We’re still trying to develop a suspect.”

The cell block where the attack occurred held more than 15 inmates, Robertson said. “I can’t give you an exact number for security reasons but I can tell you it was multiple inmates,” he said.

In the cell block, Robertson said there is a day room and multiple cells in the area. No suspect has been identified yet but jail officials are hopeful. “The investigation is ongoing and we are feeling positive about it,” he said.

Despite the number of wounds, the injuries required only a few stitches, Robertson said. The victim was released on bond after he was treated for his injuries. Robertson said his identity is not being revealed as a measure of protection.

“We’re not revealing his identity in case the suspect has friends on the outside that could come after him,” he said.

Muscogee County Jail is handling the investigation internally.

This stabbing follows the deaths of three inmates which took place between Oct. 24 and Nov. 9.

Lori Carroll, 46, was found unresponsive in her cell on Oct. 24. She was pronounced dead 40 minutes later. An examination revealed Carroll had broken ribs, a punctured lung and wounds to her face. No cause has been given for her death.

Five days later,21-year-old Maurice Grier died from a brain aneurysm at Midtown Medical Center. Grier began banging on the window, complaining that he was unable to breathe and that his head was hurting. He was unresponsive when officials transported him to Midtown Medical Center, where a CAT scan revealed bleeding on his brain.

On Nov. 9, officials announced 57-year-old Issac Kindred had been beaten to death inside the jail. Jeffrey McKinney was later charged with that death. He was jailed on Oct. 25 on charges of aggravated assault, burglary, cruelty to children third degree, peeping tom and stalking.

Staff writer Ben Wright contributed to this report.

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