Monday Mail: Hair-trigger guns and other gadgets

April 6, 2014 

Early one morning, with time to kill, it's Monday Mail.

Guns guns guns

Today's opening is from the Johnny Cash song "I Hung My Head."

Today we have responses to last Monday's column on the Georgia legislation that's to let us take guns to bars, churches, college campuses, etc. Here's one:

Dear Tim,

Hilarious article today ridiculing Georgia gun laws. Will check with you after your loved ones have been raped/murdered because you weren't carrying a weapon at the "right time and place." Feel PC enough?

Bill Simpson

Sent from Yahoo Mail for iPhone.

Dear Bill:

Accept that a gun won't protect you from ridicule and you'll have the temperament to carry one. Along with an iPhone.

Copies to…

Having seen Simpson's email, Michael Gorum sent this is reference to it:


I ... see Bill Simpson's email to you. I don't really understand how an educated person can have that attitude.

I've been picking bullets out of people's heads since 1987. If I've seen a single person shot by someone else while defending themselves I don't remember it. I'm sure it happens, but compared to suicides, domestic violence, accidental self-inflicted gunshot wounds, especially by children, it doesn't exist. Wayne LaPierre is the darkest soul in America, and he has polluted many minds.

Keep up the good work.

Sent from my iPhone.

Dear Michael:

Having covered crime for almost 30 years, I can recall a few cases of residents successfully using guns to defend themselves or others -- "successfully" meaning without facing charges later.

I also recall cases in which gun owners claiming self-defense went to jail and later to trial, with mixed results.

But what's far more common is theft: Guns get stolen daily from homes, cars, backpacks, etc., arming criminals from whom the weapons were meant to protect their owners.

So that's what I'd fear, if I carried one everywhere.

Get used to it

Here's a posting to that column from Ian Halley, who inserted the ellipses, so they aren't deletions:

I carry a concealed weapon daily ... have done so for years ... never "pulled it in a fit of anger" ... this just means I will be able to protect myself in even more places.

Serious topic and Chitwood wants to make light of it. The Ledger continues to disappoint.

Dear Ian:

Then you should be used to disappointment by now. Better get used to people making fun of that gun law, too.

Tim Chitwood,, 706-571-8508.

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