Pruitt's motivational tactic: 'You're fired'

semerson@macon.comApril 11, 2014 

Defensive coordinator Jeremy Pruitt during Georgia football spring practice on Thursday, March 20.

JOHN KELLEY — John Kelley / UGA Sports Communi

ATHENS, Ga. - It may have been traumatic for the secondary, but the rest of Georgia's defense appears to be getting some amusement out of Jeremy Pruitt's methods.

If Pruitt - the secondary coach and defensive coordinator - gets tired of a the way a defensive back is performing in practice, he pulls a Donald Trump.

“The back end, I’ve seen guys get fired," outside linebacker Jordan Jenkins said, smiling. "They mess up on two or three plays in a row and I’ve heard Pruitt say: ‘You’re fired, and get someone else on the field. That’s how quick it is with the DBs. You mess up a couple plays and you’re out.”

The result has been a constantly-changing depth chart this spring. The only player who has seemed to stay on the first team is Damian Swann, the rising senior and longtime starter. The rest of the lineup has been a mess, with a walk-on (Aaron Davis) vaulting past a promising player who finished last year as a starter (Shaq Wiggins).

Even safety Corey Moore, a rising senior who has been talked up for his leadership, hasn't been safe.

"He told Corey one day: ‘You’re fired, get off the field.’" Jenkins said. "He doesn’t mean it all the time, but it’s definitely pretty fun to watch at practice, guys getting subbed in and out.”

Pruitt has said the depth chart maneuvering will continue into preseason camp, and he won't determine a starting lineup until it's time to prepare for Clemson. It's the kind of thing a coach always says, but since Pruitt is new, there's some credibility to it.

“After every (practice) he changes the depth chart around," Jenkins said. "He told us day in and day out that nothing you did before matters, it’s a clean slate, I’m gonna play the best 11 on the field, if you don’t want to do it my way then I’m not gonna play.”

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