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Georgia is splitting up teams via the depth chart, with the Red team getting the first-team offense and the Black team getting the first-team defense. Georgia just released the rosters in numerical order, but I've organized them a bit to better reflect how things stand on offense and defense. It's important to note that by "first team," that doesn't mean just the first 11 guys on each unit. The coaches are also putting top backups and in some cases guys they want to see action with the first team. So don't look at this as a hard-and-fast depth chart, but it's close to one.

So with all that in mind, the teams, followed with a few additional notes:

RED TEAM (first-team offense)
QB Hutson Mason
QB Jacob Park
RB Todd Gurley
RB Brendan Douglas
RB Keith Marshall (injured)
FB Merritt Hall
WR Michael Bennett
WR Malcolm Mitchell (injured)
WR Justin Scott-Wesley (injured)
WR Chris Conley
WR Reggie Davis
WR Kenneth Towns
TE Quayvon Hicks
TE Jordan Davis (injured)
TE Jay Rome (injured)
G Greg Pyke
C David Andrews
G Brandon Kublanow
T John Theus
T Kolton Houston
OL Mark Beard
OL Aulden Bynum

K Marshall Morgan
P Collin Barber

DE Ray Drew
DL Toby Johnson
DL Josh Dawson
NT Mike Thornton
OLB Davin Bellamy
ILB Ryne Rankin
ILB Tim Kimbrough
OLB Tommy Long
ILB Reggie Carter
ILB A.J. McDonald
ILB Ridge Underwood
OLB Johnny O'Neal
CB Sheldon Dawson
DB Brendan Langley
CB Reggie Wilkerson
DB Kennar Johnson
CB James Davis
DB Jesse Jones
DB Javonte' Nelson
DB Jonah Guinn
DB Tristan Askew
DB Devin Gillespie
CB Devin Bowman
S Tramel Terry
S Quincy Mauger
LS Nate Theus

BLACK TEAM (first-team defense)
DL John Taylor
DL John Atkins
DL Chris Mayes
DE Sterling Bailey
DL James DeLoach
OLB Jordan Jenkins
OLB Leonard Floyd
OLB Shaun McGee
ILB Ramik Wilson
ILB Amarlo Herrera
ILB Kosta Vavlas
CB Damian Swann
CB Shaq Wiggins
CB Aaron Davis
CB J.J. Green (injured, out)
DB Lucas Redd
S Tray Matthews (injured, out)
S Corey Moore

QB Faton Bauta
QB Brice Ramsey
WR Michael Erdman
WR Blake Tibbs
WR Jonathon Rumph
WR Uriah LeMay
TB A.J. Turman
TB Kyle Karempelis
WR Clay Johnson
RB Dominic Bryan
TE Jared Chapple
RB Cameron Faulkner
FB Sam Kennon
FB Taylor Maxey
SP Matt Herzwurm
OL William Seward
G Josh Cardiello
T Xzavier Ward
T Eddie McQuillen
G-C Hunter Long
OL Michael Scullin
LS Trent Frix
OL Thomas Swilley
OL Zach DeBell
OL Glenn Welch
OL Watts Dantzler
TE Jack Looman
K Patrick Beless
P Thomas Pritchard
P Adam Erickson


Georgia actually provided an official depth chart for the game. A few notes on that:

- One surprise on the defensive line: John Taylor is listed as the starter at nose over Chris Mayes. However, if they play in a four-man front much of the time it's likely both will play.

- James DeLoach is also listed as a starter at end, which isn't a huge surprise. But Tray Matthews being a starter at free safety is one, considering he didn't appear to be having a great spring. Along with Taylor, that means all three defensive players who were arrested on the double-dipping charge a month ago will be listed as starters for this game.

- J.J. Green is listed as the starter at strong safety, over Corey Moore. But we'll have to see how that plays out during the game, especially since Green has spent much of his time at the star.

- Aaron Davis, the walk-on spring sensation, is the starter at the other cornerback position, opposite Damian Swann. The only backup listed at cornerback for the Black team is Shaq Wiggins.

- Tracy Rocker and Jeremy Pruitt really aren't buying into the Crock Pot yet: Ray Drew is not only not on the Black Team (which is the first-team defense), but he's the backup to Josh Dawson on the Red team.

- Some other notable players on the Red team, who evidently need a good game today: defensive lineman Toby Johnson, cornerbacks Sheldon Dawson and Devin Bowman, safeties Quincy Mauger and Tramel Terry - and Brendan Langley, who has moved between corner and safety this spring.

- On offense, the starting offensive line, left to right: John Theus, Brandon Kublanow, David Andrews, Greg Pyke, Kolton Houston. The only backup on the Red team is Mark Beard, officially listed as the backup left tackle, but he'll almost certainly see time at guard.

- Jordan Davis, who has been hampered by a knee sprain, is listed as the starter and not among the injured and out. That doesn't mean Davis is playing, but it's worth passing along. Quayvon Hicks is the top backup.

- Aulden Bynum, up until now an offensive lineman, is listed as the third-string tight end. That's mildly interesting, but one suspects that's just for jumbo packages.

- Walk-on Kenneth Towns is listed as a starting receiver over Michael Bennett, but I'm not sure how much stock to put in that. Chris Conley is the other starter, ahead of Reggie Davis. (And the much-discussed Jonathon Rumph is on the backup team.)

- Brice Ramsey and Faton Bauta, in that order, are the quarterbacks for the Black team. (Not sure if the order means much, but that's how it's listed.) Their targets will include Rumph, Uriah LeMay, Blake Tibbs and Clay Johnson. Their tight ends are walk-ons Jared Chapple and Jack Looman. I wouldn't be surprised to see a few receivers from the Red team switch jerseys to help Ramsey and Bauta out.

- The offensive line for the Black team, left to right: Xzavier Ward, Zach DeBell, Josh Cardiello, Hunter Long, Watts Dantzler.

- Something that sticks out to me about that: Cardiello at center. The redshirt freshman is a candidate to be groomed as the successor to Andrews, who will be a senior this season.

- A.J. Turman will be the top tailback for the Black team.


A late update from UGA: J.J. Green and Tray Matthews will not play today because of injury.

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