The Braves have one of the largest fan bases in the country, kind of

acarlson@ledger-enquirer.comApril 24, 2014 

How big is Braves country? We now have an answer (kind of). The New York Times has mapped the publicly available preferences of baseball fans on Facebook across the country, down to the ZIP code.

The resulting map is color-coded and shaded by intensity. According to the breakdown, Braves fans pretty much cover the deep South — spreading over all of Georgia and the vast majority of Mississippi, Alabama, Tennessee and South Carolina. (Bizarrely, a few counties in North Carolina favor the Yankees.)

That scope means Braves fans easily dwarf fans for the Cubs, Nationals, Dodgers and more — in breadth if not in actual number.

The map shows the largest percentage of Braves fans (60 percent or more) in the metro Atlanta counties, such as Douglas and Paulding; support within and nearer the city's limits actually dips. This tracks with the the "heat map" of ticket sales released by the team last fall after announcing it would relocate to Cobb County from its historic home in Atlanta. Ironically, support in Cobb is only a few percentage points higher than DeKalb and Fulton.

Other fun things: thanks to the map's detail, you can now see the exact border between that separates Yankees and Red Sox territory; or see the White Sox enclave dug out in the center of Chicago. And who knew there were so many Brewers fans?

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