Real Estate Transactions -- May 3

May 5, 2014 


Selected property transactions in Muscogee County, recorded April 3-April 16:

GA Columbus Kitten Lake,LLC to Edward A. Richards, trustee of the Richards family 1985…; 6516 Kitten Lake Dr.; $2,263,398

Wendbus Corp. to ARCP Welet1401,LLC; 3639 Victory Dr.; $1,843,102

Garrett Creek Developers,LLC to Ray M. Wright,Inc.; map & parcel 132-001-008; $420,000

Donna Wieczorek to Alice Fry; 9199 Travelers Way; $378,000

Richard Turner to 12 Stones Development,LLC; 6900 Bullet Blvd.; $368,500

Ray M.Wright,Inc. to Timothy Potter; map & parcel 180 030 037; $310,000

WM Wade Company,LLC to Trademark Quality Homes,Inc.; map & parcel 099-009-012; $300,000

Jill Ballentine to Lisa Ketterer; 6548 Mallard Dr.; $280,000

Grayhawk Homes,Inc.; to Ronald Leohr; 10273 Greenfield Dr.; $273,711

Lifestyle Villas,LLC to Patrick Araguel,Jr.; map & parcel 079015002; $268,950

Lisa Sarle,as executor of the Last Will and Testament… to James Nichols; 5027 Bondale Ct.; $240,000

William Hopkins to Luther Beazley,IV; 4906 Champions Way; $226.000

Ray M.Wright,Inc. to Kevin Miller; map & parcel 190-058-008; $218,350

Grayhawk Homes,Inc. to Scot MacKenzie; 4577 Ivy Patch Dr.; $216,040

Grayhawk Homes,Inc. to Cynthia Moran; 7304 Sorrel Ct.; $214,156

David Moore to Rajeshree Shah; 4228 Buena Vista Rd.; $200,000

Grayhawk Homes,Inc. to Eddie Underwood; 506 Lakefront Dr.; $196,151

Grayhawk Homes,Inc. to Jennifer Paige; 5165 Lexington Lane.; $192,000

Jody Criscuolo F/K/A Jody… to Andres Guevara; 6816 Panstone Dr.; $185,000

Alice Fry to Frank Braski; map & parcel 081-039-032; $185,000

WM Wade Co.,LLC to Trademark Quality Homes,Inc.; map & parcel 099-009-012; $180,000

Grayhawk Homes,Inc. to Jayson Garcia; 5162 Lexington Lane; $178,500

D.R. Horton,Inc. to Jessica Smith; 2659 Honeysuckle Dr,; $175,990

James Dowis to Brenda Tyson; 5916 Brookstone Blvd.; $172,500

Grayhawk Homes, Inc. to Andrew Kern; 1564 Antietam Dr.; $170,638

R. David Wilkerson to Yasmin Properties,LLC; 6001 Coca Cola Blvd.; $170,000

Emerald Ridge to Central States Towers II, LLC; 6401 River Rd.; $165,000

Darrell Robinson to Sura Choojai; 6008 Granite Field Dr.; $161,000

Austin Randolph,III to Benjamin Beebe; 5601 Terrace Pointe Ct.; $155,000

James Trask to Andrew Caruana; map & parcel 101 022 018; $155,000

Geoffrey Wollin to Lawrence Mazza,Jr.; 8445 Canaan Dr.; $110,000


Selected building permits in Harris County, recorded April 17- April 30:

68 New Site Dr.; $623,675; Brinegar,Inc.; single family dwelling

48 Flagstone Dr.; $400,000; Woodruff Contracting; single family dwelling

59 Winding Lake Dr.; $345,020; Edgar Hughston Builders; single family dwelling

64 Mill Glen Way; $301,210; Ronald Hall Builders,Inc.; single family dwelling

77 Winding Lake Dr.; $271,570; Edgar Hughston Builders; single family dwelling

50 Pin Oak Way; $219,570; Edgar Hughston Builders; single family dwelling

47Valley Bluff Dr.; $178,945; Edgar Hughston Builders; single family dwelling

262 Ruth E. Willett Dr.; $31,080; Paul Markert; single family addition

343 Mountain Creek Dr.; $28,900; A to Z Pools; swimming pool

375 Storey Dr.; $5000; Princess Wright; manu. housing remodel

117 Foggy Cedar Dr.; $4800; Grayhawk Homes,Inc.; single family addition

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