Tim Chitwood: Signal which horse you would elect

May 18, 2014 

Where to elect there is but one, 'tis Hobson's choice -- take that or none: It's Monday Mail.


Today's opening refers to Tobias Hobson, a 17th century Brit whose horse business required that clients take the beast nearest the stable door, by policy leaving them no choice despite the selection on hand.


Speaking of fast, efficient horse picking, all the personal distractions evident in our recent election campaigns may have overshadowed a critical element in this democratic or republican process, and that is getting it the heck over with Tuesday.

So, you know the saying: "Vote early and often." Get it done. We don't need people standing in line at the polls at 7 p.m. when we could be counting.


If not for the increased "work zone" speeding fines, I'd suggest we just declare this whole city a bloody construction zone.

Looks like the Dillingham Street bridge isn't all that's out of service now. Here's a notice from the city planning department:

The Fall Line Trace and Miller Road realignment is going to take place beginning May 19th and is scheduled to be finished the second week in June. From that time forward the crossing will be closed to the public.

Miller Road itself will be made open during this construction period.

The most efficient way to improve the crossing is to close it down so that the contractor can get the work done in a timely manner. Please do not attempt to cross that area that is a construction zone.

Dear Planning:

When you say "from that time forward," do you mean May 19 or the second week in June?

I don't see why the city can't build a couple of ramps so the more extreme bicyclists can get up some speed and jump the crossing. That would give the construction workers something to watch while they eat lunch, too.


Here's a message that sounds like some good traffic news for a change:

Hello Tim!

Hope your weekend is going well.

Just a quickie to follow up on airplay/reviews for Preachers Signals album. If you could please send any feedback to rick@skyfireinteractive.co.uk, I would greatly appreciate it.

Keep Rockin',

Rick, Skyfire Interactive Limited.

Dear Rick:

Damn. I thought "Preachers Signals" meant you found some ministers who unlike other drivers here actually use turn signals. Well, thanks for the quickie, anyway.

You needn't tell us to keep rocking. We're a city that rocks: Our river's full of them.

Tim Chitwood, tchitwood@ledger-enquirer.com, 706-571-8508.

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