Drivers ignoring County Line Road barricades at great risk, city says

mowen@ledger-enquirer.comMay 21, 2014 

The short stretch of County Line Road near Central Church Road remains closed due to a failed culvert running beneath it, but some drivers are apparently not respecting that status, according to city Public Works Director Pat Biegler.

Biegler said some drivers are apparently moving barricades aside to avoid taking the 10-mile detour. They’re doing it at great risk to themselves, she said.

“We closed the road for good reason,” Biegler said. “That road is going to collapse at some point, and we’re worried someone is going to get hurt.”

Biegler said the city first put out traditional heavy sawhorse type barricades, but drivers soon moved them to the side. So the city has put out heavy concrete barricades, but even that didn’t stop some determined drivers. Someone even moved those to the side, Biegler said, probably with some kind of heavy equipment.

“We’ve cabled them together and welded them, so maybe that will stop them,” Biegler said. “But if they have heavy equipment, I don’t know if it will.”

City Engineering Director Donna Newman said the engineering work on the project has been concluded and actual construction work to replace a failed culvert will begin within a week. She expects the road to be closed for as long as three months.

Meanwhile, Newman and Biegler urged drivers in the area to respect the barricades and use the marked detour.

“There is a real danger out there,” Newman said. “There is a hole under the road, and somebody could get seriously injured driving through there.”

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