5 Questions with Joseph Brannan: Life as a political junkie

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Jospeh Brannan is assistant general manager of PMB Broadcasting, a local radio broadcast company which owns Kissin' 99.3 and 106.9 Rocks, among others.

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How did you end up in the radio business in Columbus?

I like to place the "blame" on Scott Miller (WDAK) and Erik Stone for getting me into the business. As a junior at Pacelli, they came to broadcast a football game, I was assigned as their student helper and by the end of the night they asked if I'd like a part-time job "running the board" for the various sporting events aired on WDAK. Of course, it's Jim (Martin, partner and GM of PMB Broadcasting) that has allowed me to continue my career -- even long distance while I was at Auburn.

How has satellite radio changed the local stations?

It hasn't. Radio is a really great medium and business in Columbus. Are our listeners spending time with other devices and mediums? Sure, but we're also on those same devices; you can listen to all of our stations on your smartphone, tablet, smart TV, etc. Based on some of the radio trade publications, more than 80 percent of people in our area use local radio, and that number has been consistent since before the advent of satellite, smartphones and internet radio. Local radio does something the other options can't, and that's talk about and support Columbus, Georgia.

You are active in the state Republican Party, Have you always been interested in politics?

Yes, even though my family was never as directly involved in the party as I am now, my parents and grandparents took an interest in politics. They were active in the process, they consistently voted and were informed on the candidates. They made sure I followed along, too -- some of my earliest memories include President Reagan in one way or another. One time, my grandmother checked me out of school to see Phil Gramm give his presidential campaign announcement in front of Wynnton School -- the atmosphere was exciting and that sealed my interest.

Are you content with being a political operative or do you ever see a point where you seek elected office?

I joke with my friends and co-workers that "the only thing I'm running is radio stations." It's the perfect politician's non-answer of course, but I do enjoy serving in the background on the party side. I have great respect for our elected officials, both Republican and Democratic, because they do put themselves out there to be judged by citizens and the media for every decision they make. I don't know that I have thick enough skin or the capacity to do what they do. Being involved in the party is a great middle ground for a political junkie like me.

What is the best kept secret in the Chattahoochee Valley?

How truly great our community is. Sure, we have our problems, but having the opportunity to visit other cities in Georgia and Alabama through my political involvement, I can see that the Chattahoochee Valley is heads and shoulders above other communities in terms of public-private partnership, the arts community, training and higher-education opportunities (CSU, Auburn, Columbus Tech, CVCC, Troy, etc.), the mix of industries (high-tech manufacturing, banking, insurance, military, IT-centric), and our excellent nonprofit community.

More concretely -- Deorio's is opening a second location near Columbus Park Crossing! I will take one line to say, a well-kept secret is how hard the team at PMB Broadcasting works, not only to create a successful radio broadcast but to also serve this community. It's a privilege to work with them.

Vital stats

Name: Joseph Brannan

Age: 31

Job: Assistant general manager, PMB Broadcasting LLC

Hometown: Columbus

Current Home: Midtown

Family: Wife, Emily, and three awesome dachshunds

Education: Auburn University, Accounting

Favorite Movie: The Christopher Nolan "Dark Knight" series

Favorite Restaurant: Can I name all of the local eateries?

Favorite Quote: "My God, in his steadfast love, will meet me," Psalm 59:10.

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