New tool helps you find a town to match your politics

acarlson@ledger-enquirer.comJune 18, 2014 

Choosing where to live hinges, for many, on one of a select few questions: How much is the average rent? Are the schools good? Can I commute to work easily?

But what about: does the average person's politics match my own?

To answer that last question, Clarity Campaigns has unveiled a tool, drawing on TargetSmart data, to help each user find the most politically suitable town in their state.

Simply answer rate your level of agreement with seven common statements -- "I attend religious services regularly"; "Abortion should be legal and accessible to all women" -- to get your placement.

Each geographic choice comes with a probability breakdown, showing the percent chance that your neighbors hold your same views.

The assessment is obviously broad: for example, answering in such a way to reflect common conservative ideas (religious, pro-life, anti-gun regulation), tells you to live in Epworth, Ga. The opposite choices send you to Atlanta.

Gaming the selector can be its own reward: an ideologically incoherent combination of choices (non-urban, pro-choice, non-religious, focused on climate change, etc.) sends you to Savannah, Ga.

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