Fifty Years Ago Today, July 1, 1964

June 30, 2014 

Goldwater Foes Out to Draft Ike

A spectacular plan is in full swing to draft former President Dwight Eisenhower to become an active candidate again in a last-hour desperate move to block the nomination of Sen. Barry Goldwater.

Recourse is this sensational strategy is said to have the vigorous backing of Govs. William Scranton and Nelson Rockefeller, and Henry Cabot Lodge, who abruptly gave up his ambassadorship to South Viet Nam to rush back to the U.S. to join in the vehement "stop-Goldwater" drive.

Soldier Killed

A 27-year-old Fort Bennign soldier was killed instantly Tuesday night when the car he was driving collided with another on First Division Road, a Fort Benning spokesman said.

Sp-4 Richard J. Cruzen, Co. A 511th Signal Battalion, 11Air Assault Division, was pronounced dead at he scene about 11 p.m. Tuesday.

'Rights' Due OK

Congressional sources said today President Johnson plans to sign the civil rights bill as soon as it gets to him, perhaps Thursday night.

The House is scheduled to pass the civil rights bill, most far reaching legislation of its kind this century, Thursday afternoon, accepting Senate revisions.

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