Right move, wrong reasons

July 1, 2014 

I'd like to commend the Columbus Consolidated Government for finally taking active steps at the City Services Center to provide the same level of security for average citizens and city employees as it does for the city council chambers by providing screening at the entrances.

I'm saddened, however, that this decision is publicized as protecting the CSC from law-abiding citizens lawfully licesned to carry a weapon. The unasked question, conveniently overlooked by both the CCG and the Ledger-Enquirer Editorial Board, is this: What was preventing weapons, legally carried or otherwise, from entering the CSC before this decision was made?

Prior to the CCG decision "as an unintended result of HB60" there was nothing to prevent weapons from being brought into the CSC.

Well, that's not entirely true. Prior to HB60 it was illegal to carry any weapon into any government-owned building whether there was screening at the entrance or not. For a building with no screening, that meant no barriers to anyone except for those citizens following the law and disarming themselves before entering. If they did not disarm, then they too would be breaking the law.

HB60 provides fair treatment under the law so that if city or state government wants to provide higher security at a government building then they must ensure that all weapons are kept out, not just the ones from self-disarmed law abiding citizens.

If real security were a priority at the CSC, the CCG should have been screening at the entrance all along. How many illegally carried weapons have gone through those doors before the CCG decided to "protect" the CSC from law-abiding citizens? I guess ignorance is bliss. At least now average citizens will have the same guarantee of security as the City Council, and without unfairly disarming lawful citizens.

Stephen Miller


What do we pay for?

I have a part suggestion, part request for both Mayor Tomlinson and city council. A fee increase for garbage pickup is certainly not a bad idea when money is needed, but an even better idea is making sure the garbage is actually picked up.

I for one have contacted city services on numerous occasions about garbage being left behind. Garbage that was placed in a garbage can that was then left only half empty after pickup. Not scraps of paper, but large objects still left in the can. Many times, garbage that was in a garbage can to begin with was then half strewn around the street and yard after pick up. I don't need them to wipe and shine my garbage cans clean, but I would like the actual trash to be removed, not into my yard, and my garbage can not thrown into the street for a car to run over.

Fee increase, great. Fee increase for a job that only gets half done? Not great. And paying these inmates to do a poor job is ridiculous. Doing the job properly, in spite of not wanting to or regardless of your pay, shows accountability for your actions. If these inmates were actual hired employees, a lot of them should have been fired by now.

Melissa F. Bailey


Lies and statistics

Who can you really trust anymore? Our government openly lies to us, fudging the figures they give to us … and when caught, they ignore it as if to say, so what are you going to do about it?

Take the unemployment rate; it's officially listed at 6.3 percent.R eally? Then why do 20 percent of American families have not one single family member working? According to Shadowstats, the real unimployment number is 21 percent. If nobody in the entire country had a job, the way the government counts, they would say the unemployment rate is zero.

The government reports the economy is healthy. Really? Then why are 35 percent of all-race college graduates and 56 percent of black college graduates taking jobs that don't require a college degree? Sales of existing homes and sales of new homes are down, partly because the " millenials" are still living at home unable to make enough money to buy into a home. If the middle class is doing so well, then why are they not spending money? Stores that cater to the middle class, like Sears, Target, JC Penney and K-mart are closing stores or are floundering. The only stores doing fairly well are those that cater to the poor … the dollar stores and Wal-mart. (Even Wal-mart is now struggling)

Interestingly , the really super high-end stores are flourishing,indirect recipients of all the cash being sprinkled on the super wealthy and highly connected.

We are told there is only 2 percent inflation. Really? I guess they don't buy food. The real inflation rate is more like 12 percent.

So who can you trust? Trust what you see around you, not the noise coming from the government.

R.A. Valentine

Phenix City

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