Fifty Years Ago Today, July 3, 1964

July 2, 2014 

Wallace Gears For Rights Test

Negroes began putting the new civil rights bill signed by President Johnson to test today, scoring initial gains in troubled areas, but some Southern leaders refused to accept it as the law of the land.

Gov. George Wallace of Alabama challenged the constitutionality of the new law which permits Negroes access to public eating places and overnight accommodations previously denied them.

'Speed Trap'

Complaints continued to come into The Ledger today charging Cusseta of operating a "speed trap," but officials of the small town deny the charges.

The mayor of the Chattahoochee County seat 20 miles south of Columbus, H.E. Hobbs, told The Ledger Thursday: "We don't have a speed trap and we are not going to tolerate a speed trap in our town."

Viet Nam

Marauding Communist guerrillas have overrun three government protected hamlets in the rugged mountains of Central Viet Nam wiping out the defenders and capturing large supplies of weapons, a military spokesman said today.

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