Biker mom, son pistol whipped for wearing the wrong colors

benw@ledger-enquirer.comJuly 5, 2014 

A Decatur, Ga., woman and her son were pistol whipped early Saturday after they apparently showed up at a biker gathering in Columbus with the wrong colors on Veterans Parkway.

The woman, 41, and son, 21, were each struck on the head with a pistol during the 2 a.m. assault inside a building at 637 Veterans Parkway. The woman was struck in the left eye and her son was bloodied from a pistol blow to the head, police said.

In a report, the woman said they were attending a gathering for an unidentified biker gang when a dispute erupted over respecting the club’s colors, which refer to vests and patches representing the club. That’s when the woman said she was struck in the head with a pistol by another biker woman.

In an attempt to defend his mother, the son was struck in the head with a pistol by an unknown male biker. The injured mother and son then left the area and called police.

A police investigation didn’t determine the name of the gang.

Due to an error in the police report, the location of a Columbus pistol whipping of a biker mom and her son in a July 5 story was incorrect. The beating occurred at 637 Veterans Parkway.

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