Fifty Years Ago Today, July 10, 1964


July 9, 2014 

New FBI Network Set for Mississippi

President Johnson announced today that 50 FBI agents will be permanently assigned to a new office in Mississippi.

The White House said earlier that additional agents of the Federal Bureau of Investigation were sent to Mississippi in the wake of the disappearance of three young civil rights workers, but it declined to say how many agents were in the state.

County Government

A change to the county manager form of government has been recommended for Muscogee County by a survey team from the University of Georgia.

A strong chief executive officer -- a county manager or county administrator who could either be appointed by the commission or elected by the people -- topped the list of sweeping proposals for placing the county's governmental system on a "professional, businesslike basis."


Alabama's Gov. George C. Wallace told a world assembly of Lions Club members Tuesday that liberalism is destroying democracy in the United States.

Descrying trends toward greater federal powers, he said: "If the liberals win we have seen the end of constitutional government."

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